The pitfalls of modern technology around the home

Let this story be a warning to you about the use of webcams!

Technology sure makes our lives easier, but it can also cause unexpected problems. And how!

Have you ever been out and thought someone was talking to you, only to realise when you talk back that they were on their phone, talking into a headset?

Have you ever been out and got in the way of someone trying to take a selfie or record a movie of something going on in the street?

I’ve even made the mistake of accidentally turning the camera on reverse during a live stream video, so it was showing me in a lovely from-below view, capturing all my double chins instead of the garden I was trying to show off. Aghhh, turn it back, turn it back!

Sure they can all be a problem, but there can also be issues even closer to home.

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One woman has shared her experience on the blogging site Mumsnet, saying she either needs plastic surgery now, or a new identity, after her at-home technology has caused her major embarrassment.

She explained her husband was working from home when the incident occurred. She slept in, as you do, and when she got up she wandered around the house, as she was, straight out of bed. The first problem is, she doesn’t wear pyjamas, so she was completely starkers. The second problem is, her husband was in the middle of a business meeting, and had his back to her. The third problem (and the biggest) is that he was talking to his colleagues on Skype. Yes, his webcam was on and the work colleagues got more of a view than they bargained for during their work meeting.

That’s the problem with the advances of technology these days. Sure they are wonderful when you use them, to keep in touch with the grandkids, for example, so you can see their cute little excited faces, but when you don’t know it’s being used, it’s a problem. 

You never know these days when your likely to be caught on camera. With cars and their dash-cams, Closed Circuit TV footage, random people on the street filming live stream videos from their phones straight to Facebook or Instagram, and yes, even in your own home, camera’s are everywhere. It never looked like this while watching The Jetsons.

Have you ever had a mishap like this when it comes to technology?