This gadget will help you to never lose anything again

Looking in handbag
How often do you lose things?

Are you constantly forgetful? Lose your keys on a regular basis? What about your handbag or wallet?

What about your car even? Do you often forget where you parked it or are just worried it will get stolen one day?

There’s a fab new gadget out now that will help you find it… called a Trackr.

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This little device, once you download an app, will allow you to track it’s location on your phone.

The Tracker is only tiny in size, around the size of a coin, which is a bonus. Just pop it in your handbag and forget it’s there – until you forget where your handbag is, then search for it on the app.

This cool gadget has a few different features. It has a distance indicator, letting you know when you’re getting close. You can make it ring, so it is even easier to find whatever it is that you have lost. It also works in reverse. If you’ve got the Trackr device in your hand you can get your phone to ring, if it’s actually your phone you are trying to track down.

One of the best features is that it can be shared around with family and friends. Attach one of the TrakR’s to the family pet, for example, and the whole family can download the app, and all help find the dog! Genius!

How often do you lose things at your place? Would this idea work for you?