If you come across this Facebook 'hack', don't fall for it

It might be tempting to find out who's 'stalking' you, but it doesn't really work.

If you come across anything advising you that you can find out who’s ‘stalking’ your Facebook page, don’t bother – it doesn’t actually work. 

The rumour is, there’s an easy way to bring up a list of the people who are following you and watching your profile without your knowledge, but it’s a hoax – or at the very least, very misguided. 

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According to the rumour, you can find out who’s following you and looking at your profile simply by going to your ‘Account Settings’, then to ‘Blocking’ on the left-hand side of the screen, and typing the words “following me” into the search bar under ‘Blocked Users’. 

It will bring up a list of Facebook profiles, which you are encouraged to go through and block – something you can only do individually.

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However, The Sun reported that these people are not actually following you; rather, they are simply people who have the words “following” and “me” in their publicly searchable profiles.  

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As far as Facebook hoaxes go, it isn’t actually the worst. After all, it won’t give your device a nasty virus, or give scammers access to you personal details or bank account. But it is a pretty big waste of your time. After all, we know you have better things to do with your time than individually block hundreds of strangers who have in all likelihood never viewed your Facebook profile. 

So, although the curiosity of who’s secretly stalking you can be too much to bear at times, there’s still no legitimate way to find this information out. 

Have you come across this hoax? Did you try it?