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When our eyeglasses are smudged, we reach for the corner of our shirt to clean them. You probably know that is the wrong way to clean glasses, but you do it anyway. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, an old piece of cotton and regular kitchen soap is far better than those cleaning solutions you get at the optometrist.

The AOA recommends washing glasses every morning, paying special attention to the frames and earpieces, where hair product and makeup tend to rub off, says Lifehacker.

Whatever you do, don’t use the most handy form of water to clean your lenses: “Some people use spit, but don’t,” urges Dr. Geist. Though dirty glasses won’t cause an eye infection, saliva “is not the best hygiene method, and it just won’t work very well,” she says. Soap, warm water and a dry cloth are all you need, once a day, to keep glasses optimally clean and functional.

You also shouldn’t use anything with ammonia, bleach, vinegar (although it’s great for drinking glasses), or window cleaner because those chemicals strip away the coatings on your glasses.

Here’s how to make your DIY glass cleaning solution:

1. Take a small bowl or spray bottle and fill it with water.

2. Add a tiny squirt of kitchen soap and mix well.

3. Spray your eyeglasses with this solution and let sit for 10 seconds.

4. Gently wipe with a clean cotton cloth. Done!

How do you usually clean your glasses?

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