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Last night, bipartisan support in the senate passed the Liberal party’s bill to allow internet and phone providers to store two years of metadata.

The controversial law has been the cause of significant conflict amongst the Australian public, however the government claims that the companies holding access to these records means that they (if needed) will be able to track more thorough records when people are suspected of terrorism and related incidents. Ultimately, this legislation is designed to make Australia safer.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the scheme is expected to cost up to $400 million a year, but the government won’t reveal its share until the May budget.

Metadata includes the identity of a subscriber and the source, destination, date, time, duration and type of communication. It excludes the content of a message, phone call or email and web-browsing history.

Some people have considered this a breach of freedom and privacy, however others have said that if there’s nothing to hide then why should it matter?

So tell us today… Are you comfortable with this? Do you think this is a positive initiative in terms of fighting crime? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 


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  1. They can keep mine forever, it will just clog up the system with trivia of the boring type.

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  2. well I am dubious about them having my grandmother lamington recipe’s and home made jam, I send them to my son. They are the biggest secrets I have but in saying that bit by bit we are losing freedom, it is coming in slowly and we are not even putting up a fight

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    • Agree. Nothing even remotely controversial, traitorous, nasty or whatever in my stuff. Sadly, BIG BROTHER is surely and steadily coming and all FREEDOM will be gone.

    • And we went through the red under the bed era and now they are getting worse than the commos.

    • I don’t care, I have nothing to hide, but does that mean we can access their data? I think not!!!!!

    • We seem to be heading to the extreme right in politics just as dangerous as the extreme left. Our freedoms lost in the slow creep to the extreme right.

  3. And another freedom bites the dust.

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    • Annoying to think we have no privacy at all… They know everything we have ,buy,sell, hide under the bed including the pot, they have our house payment, electricity and water usage, bank accounts, cars, children, grandchildren, whose sick, whose healthy, who needs to get sick, whose got depression ,who got boyfriend,who married who divorced,who wipes their arse and who doesn’t. Of course they got to know what you saying and what you thinking too so they can control that too….

    • freedom to bomb behead deal drugs share child phorno and just break the law in general …we must make sure that crims are caught ..well except for elizabeth roberts she is for “”HOPE WE CATCH THEM BEFORE THEY DO SOMETHING “”” thinking

  4. I hope my friends and I don’t get arrested for swearing about this Government but apart from that my mail and phone calls are mundane and boring to anyone but myself and friends and family and yes we will have to pay more for our Internet Providers to store our information

  5. Unfortunately it’s the thin edge of the wedge, the drop by drop of taking our freedom by stealth! This is how it was done in South Africa’s Apartheid era. I had my phone tapped and until it happens to you, you can laugh and joke about it,but this is a sad day. There were sufficient rules in place to store data of the people already under full time surveillance. It all causes terrible division and suspicion between people. You get the goody two shoes who say, I have nothing to hide, but it doesn’t work like that. You may innocently mention you visited the Bom site, and mean the weather, but you are now a person of interest. Simple as that! Poor journalists are now huge targets. No! This is not just about “the Baddies” this will colour our whole culture! Shame on the Major Parties! You’ve lost my vote!

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