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Facebook is the most popular app and social media website in the world – but that can make its users even more vulnerable to scams because they rely on it day-to-day. The following is a huge example of this, and shows that you need to vigilant when it comes to your online safety.

A number of Starts at 60 members have reported to us that they have had their account duplicated by someone – they’ve stolen their name, profile image and about me section to create a whole new profile. The scammer then adds their friends and family and sparks up a conversation that can lead to them being scammed.

And now the scam has gone international with security experts warning to keep on the look-out for suspicious behaviour.

Kathy Perry is a social media consultant who sees Facebook cloning regularly.

“A lot of people don’t even realise it. They just think, ‘oh that’s my friend, I need to add them.’ Don’t do that,” she told WCSH6.

This in turn puts you in the firing line and potentially the scammers next victim of identity fraud.

She said you can find out whether the new profile is legit by going to the person’s page and looking for clues ie no folders, no cover photos, no timeline and no usual activity from that person.

Send your friend a message letting them know they’ve been hacked and to contact Facebook immediately. If you suspect you or you’re friend have been hacked, you should change your password and security settings to make sure your profile can’t be seen by people who aren’t your friends.

Here’s how:


Have you ever been the victim of a scam? What happened?

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