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Argentina is a big country, with a lot of bad, narrow roads. Sound familiar? The Argentinian branch of Samsung has created a concept truck to promote road safety, using technology to solve a all too tragic human problem.

Dubbed the Samsung Safety Truck, the driving thought behind it is to prevent accidents when cars try to overtake trucks. It is achieved by mounting a wireless camera to the front of the truck, and connecting it to four LCD monitors on the back of the truck, combining to show one large, continuous image of the road in front of the truck.



Yes this solution would reduce accidents when overtaking, that I think is a given. But when I’m driving, I dislike being behind not only trucks, but also four-wheel drive cars and SUVs. I like to see what’s happening on the road a few cars ahead, as it reduces my reaction time should anything untoward happen.

The Argentinian trial of the Samsung Safety Truck has been completed, and while results haven’t been published, Samsung has said that it was a successful trial. The company does confirm that is working together with road safety organisations and the government to make them a permanent fixture on Argentinian roads.

What do you think… is this something you’d like to see on Australian roads? Have you ever had an accident or a near miss involving a truck?

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  1. Lawrie Fegan

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    • …..that’s assuming the rear-end of a rig is a big flat screen. What happens on tarped loads, irregular loads, stock crates..etc One designated trailer would need to always be the last one on a road train; might be a bit expensive to mount a screen on every trailer in the fleet, unless they were portable; but that would create another set of challenges. They would also need to be robust enough to withstand our tough,unforgiving climate.

  2. Sounds ideal, however in the long run, it’s how good a driver the truckie is. Having travelled thousands of kms with and without a caravan. There are still a lot of Rambo truck drivers unfortunately on the road, who speed and do dangerous things. Those huge trucks are scary, and in the wrong hands are killer machines. I’m only talking about the bad ones. There are a lot of good drivers. Surprisingly the huge road trains you encounter out west are usually the better drivers.

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    • Of course agree there are. But most drive carefully over all. My husband does not exceed 80 to 90,while towing. We have been doing it 10 years. While the truckies may have more experience it does not stop them speeding. And doing dangerous things. We have Been nearly wiped out a couple of times, they Do not stick to the 100kms limited speed either.

  3. Concept looks good but I think it could get very distracting to the drivers. They would be concentrating on the big screen instead of on the road around them.

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    • Yes I thought that too! Goes back to the motorist, if He or she can’t see before overtaking. Don’t!

    • Exactly. It’s common sense and patience on the road and if you need a screen on the truck in front of you, then you shouldn’t hold a drivers licence.

  4. Heard RACQ say it should be a trialed well before this is let loose. Too many things need to be ironed out forst

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