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Whether you are settling in for the night, or if you’re with a group of friends having dinner and a laugh or if you are simply sitting on the back porch watching the sunset, you are likely to have a wine in your hand.

And, if you’re a clutz like me, then you’ll be amazed that this invention has actually happened and now exists… A spillproof wineglass!

The amount of times I’ve had dinner parties and the following morning I notice my carpet has gone from cream to mottled burgundy is a number I’d care not to think about. The number of white and cream shirts I’ve stained with spilled drops of delicious shiraz is scary.

And now, there is finally a solution!

This stemless glass spins on its base and this prevents it from tipping over. It is called a Saturn and the designer, Christopher Yamane has said it is the perfect shape for red wine.

It has taken Christopher and designer, Matthew Johnson over four years to design, make and refine this beautiful piece of kitchenware. But don’t take our word for it! You can check it out right here in the video below…

Tell us, do you need one of these? Or do you have a friend who does? 


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  1. YES , I NEED spillproof wine glasses , please tell me more !

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