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With so many accounts from financial to social media, how can we keep up with the hundreds of passwords? If you struggle to remember what password you created for what account, than these four tips are just what you need!

Tip One: base your passwords on the first letter of each account. This will help you recall the password easier. For example, your Facebook account (F) could create a password ‘favourite food’. The password could potentially look like this ‘FFCheeseCake’ which stands for favourite food cheese cake. For bank account (B) ‘best childhood memory’ and so on.

Tip Two: in a Word document, create ambiguous questions or phrases that related to the passwords for each account. The benefit is having all your passwords in one place and creates protection from others seeing the document.

  • Facebook: my first pet as a child and from when till when? (Coco19671988)
  • Bank account: my favourite holiday destination and in what month would I love to be there? (GoldcoastOctober)

Tip Three: if your passwords are complicated and the above tips don’t work for you, than you could potentially use an app to store passwords. A free password app that helps hide/lock accounts is called ‘Password Secure Manager Lite’. This app has a 9 star rating on the App store however it is only used on smartphones.

Tip Four:  a free password app for your Mac computer is called ‘Lockit’ (you can find this app in the App Store). An app for Windows is called ‘Last Pass‘. This app is highly recommended and is used in 71 countries around the world.


Note: never save your passwords on Google Docs or your smartphone notes or messenger. There is a high risk of your passwords getting leaked or hacked if you do this! It is important to try create different passwords for each account. You should never have ‘yourname1’ for every account. A more complicated and random password will help keep your information safe and private.


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  1. I get really annoyed when I’m asked to create a password for a new site, I think one up, and only then when I try to enter it do I get a message telling me their “password rules”.. eg required length, how many each of letters and numbers, whether some have to be case sensitive. Tell me the rules first!

  2. I use the first letter of the lines of a poem eg bbbshyaw – Ba Ba Black Sheep Have You Any Wool. If you need caps or numbers these can be added. bbBShyaw1 (as in first line). I have been using the same poem for quite some time now and am now in about the fifth verse.

  3. I saw a comic once, the elderly lady saying she was changing her password to incorrect. That way if she forgot or mistyped it, the computer would tell her “your password is incorrect”. Brilliant.

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  4. Ha ha they keep saying dont use your name or date of birth so i use that and mix them up. Cant remember them now either.

  5. Friend of mine has password “BigToe”!!! She changes it sometimes to “littlepiggy”!! Never forgets! Hahaha

  6. I have a notebook. I keep them in, with so many it’s hard to remember which is for which account. It is kept hidden away.

  7. We have a very simple way to create new passwords. Say it’s for Facebook, the first letter would be f, either lower case or upper case, but always keep it the same. Then have your secret word that you always use, let’s say it’s pinkpiggy, again, choose if you use lower or upper case for the first letter. Then count the letters in Facebook and put that last. So the password would look like this ” FPinkpiggy8″ if it was for, let’s say ANZ it would be APinkpiggy3 or for gmail it would be GPinkpiggy5 . All you need to remember is your secret word and of course, never tell anyone what it is !!

  8. I use LastPass. Great program and can be used on any computer no matter where you are in the world. Simply have to login with your master password to access your account and see all your passwords.

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