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Today, the NBN Co has announced that a further 400 cities and suburbs will be connected to the National Broadband Network by June 2016. This will see an additional 1.9 million homes and businesses connected over the next one and a half years.

According to The New Daily, construction will begin this month and this will be a major part of the rollout process considering only 300,000 homes and businesses have been connected to the network so far.

The NBN Co CEO Bill Morrow said that this rollout plan has come off the back of several successful multi-technology trials.

He has said, “Naturally some people will be disappointed that they are not included in today’s schedule. But ultimately no-one misses out as the NBN will be made available to every Australian family and business by 2020.”

The state-by-state breakdown of this plan includes:

Queensland – 379,000
New South Wales – 659,000
Victoria – 286,000
South Australia – 161,000
Western Australia – 240,000
Tasmania – 106,000
Northern Territory – 25,000

To find out if your home will be connected under the new plan, click here. 


So tell us, have you got NBN yet? Will you be connected in this rollout? Or are you still waiting for it all to happen? Tell us in the comments below… 

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  1. We were one of the first districts to be connected to the NBN. There was a lot of administrative hoops to jump through (they may have streamlined this now), the streets were chaotic while the driveways and footpaths and roadways were dug up. Certainly it’s faster and cheaper. My big beef is that when the power is off, you have no phone and have to rely on mobile reception which is very poor just here. It’s been a mixed blessing.

  2. I recon we will be connected as they are putting the cable in as I type!!

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    • At the moment it will be free to connect and the NBN guys have said wait for a few months before signing up to a provider as prices will come down. We are with Telstra on the cable internet so get a fast connection already.

  3. No and its an inferior version of Labors NBN, another thing that Turnbull has screwed up on the orders of Hockey and Abbott, the cuts to the ABC are deplorable.

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    • As a “techno”, I agree. It will have its own problems plus the problems faced by mobile phone users – slower the more on the system; transmission points (probably towers) in some areas; affected by lightning; water in old lines particularly after rain. None of this would have been a problem if they’d left it as proposed…

    • Good god this is a stupid comment, I know being a labor supporter you probably have no idea of how an economy works, but with the time blowout as it is this would cost taxpayers literally hundreds of millions more.

  4. We have the NBN and please don’t think that it is all plain sailing. We were without communications of any kind for over 6 weeks(including our back to base security) Many people in Toowoomba have said the same.

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    • Well we had to pay for the Back to Base but it didn’t work because we had no Home Phone. We ended up going to the ombudsman and they got on to Telstra and then Telstra were terrific. We were with TPG before and they were even better but they couldn’t do NBN

  5. As usual the country people past Ballarat miss out yet again! It will be past its use by date if we ever get it!

  6. We were supposed to get it in Newcastle , my local MP tried to lobby for it, but we were taken off the list by this miserable Abbott Government.

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    • Rubbish Marilyn.. Labor (spelt labor) started it with fibre to the home, the Liberals have replaced that with copper wire and screwed it into the bargain.. it is now known as fraudband in the general community

  7. No. Our area was listed previously but looks like it’s been dropped in favour of other areas even tho the cabling is only 2 kilometres from us.

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