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Finding a great t-shirt can be one of the hardest things to buy past the age of 60. Do you agree?

One of our Starts at 60 Style community members has been struggling with this issue.

“I don’t like the look of my upper arms and am looking for plain coloured t-shirts. I want them with a longer than cap length sleeves and a longer body – but not tunic length. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am looking for size 16 or thereabouts.” – Claerwen Ellis

Claerwen, I am sure many in our community are on this quest permanently. I know I am!

When looking for a t-shirt, always go for a quality garment.  It should fit you well and flatter your body shape. You want it to not only have a bit of stretch, but also hold its shape wash after wash.  A cheap t-shirt is just that: cheap.  You might find that the fabric will twist; it might be a bit sheer and get holes easily; it’s also likelier to shrink and lose its shape.

When you do find a tee that you like – buy a few! Get three white ones and pick some other plain colours that you know will work well for you. You never know -that style might be gone next season, so if you love it, you’ll regret not getting another one!

21102015 tshirt

Give these styles a go!

This manhatten stretch tee by Betty Basics is a great length and it has a flattering v-neckline.  Available here

If you would like a tee with a looser fit the Bird Keepers swing tee is very popular.  Available here

Mela Purdie does a matte jersey caddy tee that would be worth checking out.  I know her things are expensive but the quality is there and they last and last.  Mela has lots of different t-shirt styles to choose from.  Available here

For basic tees I have always had a lot of success with Emerson at Big W.  Try this flattering scoop neck tee  Available here

Have you tried any t-shirts from Sussan like this essential v-neck tee?  Available here

Another brand that I would recommend looking at is Paula Ryan.  Superb quality that lasts and so many styles to choose from.  Try this easy fit half sleeve v-neck top, Available here.

I also like the look of this scoop neck t-shirt from Country Road.   Available here

Claerwen, I hope this has been a help!  Tell me how you go – I need some new t-shirts too!

Does anyone have any further suggestions for Claerwen?  Tell us in the comments below!





Siobhan Beirne

Siobhan Beirne is a creative soul with extensive experience in both the fashion & beauty industries. With a keen passion for helping women to look and feel their best, Siobhan cannot wait to share her tips with you all.

  1. Why place a photo of an obviously looking young woman? You lot are a load of idiots. Perhaps it’s Alzheimers in the editorial team………..

    13 REPLY
    • Lesson for today Tony. How could you have re phrased your comment to make your point without being abusive? Manners cost nothing.

    • Really Jan? Tony calls the editors of this free website a “load of idiots” and suggests they have Alzehiemers for using a stock photo with a younger model. I suggest he mind his manners and you think I am the rude one? Hey ho.

    • What’s your problem tony, T- shirts are worn by people of all ages, what difference does it make what age the model is, your sounding like a very grumpy & rude old man to me.

    • Storm in a teacup here. I agree with Tony’s point, I simply don’t agree with putting that point in such an abusive manner. Group hug anyone?

    • Robyn Green Written tongue i cheek actually. However, the point I make is serious. I really don’t care if people don’t like the way I made it, it actually makes people think…………and you have.

    • Tony, while I have to agree with the others on your uncoloured phrasing, I will say that I am darn sick of seeing photo shopped 17 year olds modelling clothes for my generation (baby boomer), which incidentally, is the generation that has the dosh to spend. You are on the right track Tony, but a wee bit more delicate next time eh?

    • No I don’t think so. I meant to get a response. After all, you looked at it in more detail than you might otherwide have done

    • I see where you are going Tony. It did make a few of us think but sadly what we/I thought is ‘my goodness that man is rude’ rather than, ‘wow isn’t it nice to hear a man say what we ladies have been saying for ages” But each to their own.

    • I am sorry if I have upset anyone but the point was to make people reallise how dreadful this ad is.

  2. Good point Tony, I like Black Pepper particularly the fabric and the shape is good. Noni B has some good ones too.

  3. I had trouble trying to buy t shirts (or any clothing for that matter) which could be tumble dried. On a month long cruise sooner rather than later I will have to wash and the only way to dry is in the dryer. I ended up buying cheap t shirts so that it wouldn’t matter if they didn’t last long.

  4. At times, I buy T shirts from mens dept which seem to fit better than momens ones. anyone else do this ??

    7 REPLY
  5. Good article, my English bought T Shirts are wearing thin and I need new ones pretty soon. I I’ve T shirts that don’t need ironing if you hand them the right way.

  6. I buy my T-shirts from Autograph Fashions, great quality and they have a longer sleeve which most older women prefer, and when washed they keep their shape.

  7. I’m always looking for cotton TShirts not cotton blend because I find them far to hot to wear in our summer and humidity getting just cotton is not easy.

    1 REPLY
    • And I can’t stand that cotton/elastane blend…they just cling to you…most uncomfortable!!!

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