Popular actress bashed for dressing ‘like a granny’ at Emmys 7



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Amy Pohler got slammed for wearing this.

The 2016 Emmy Awards in Los Angeles today isn’t just a the place to showcase talent and the hard work put in by people in the industry, it’s also the platform where celebrities really show their style. Just like the awards, the red carpet before the event had some clear winners and others became the victim of critics.

One of them was popular actress Amy Poehler who came in dressed in a heavily beaded dress. Some media described her dress as “a prison of green beads in an embroidered gown topped with a shawl portion that draped from her neck to her wrists.” To make it worse, fans who watched the red carpet said that Pohler “dressed like a granny” sparking anger with some over-60.

They said that the draping beaded shawl ‘aged’ her well beyond her actual age.

Elizabeth said, “Just because someone makes a poor wardrobe choice, don’t pin that on grannies. We may be mature but that does not mean our sense of style is dead.”

Her wardrobe choice this year is completely the opposite from last year…

Which look do you like the best?

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  1. Media and social media can really pi** me off..the dress is her choice…how dare they make a big fuss and try to shame her…bullies thats what they are ….gggrr

  2. I like the dress, these people are so absorbed in criticising people that they can’t see past their own blinkers.

  3. I’m a granny and I certainly don’t look like that. Love the dress but not the colour.

  4. It is nicely modest unlike some scraps of material you see revealing more than you want to look at!

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