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In a first for the Australian fashion festivals, a team over 60 women will be parading down the catwalk at the 2015 Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival next month!

According to The Herald, former model, Shirley Mason, who is now 79 years old, has organised the event proving that age doesn’t make women irrelevant. The models walking in the show range in age from 55 to 86 and one is in a wheelchair.

The show makes a lot of sense too. Over 60s are often ignored by brands and retailers despite having some of the largest purchasing power in the country so the show will give these brands a unique chance to reach out to this demographic.

The event organiser Shirley has said that the show is so much more than a fashion show. It’s an opportunity for older women to prove that they’re not invisible and are worth reaching out to.

The show will be held on Sunday, March 15 at 1pm at the ANZ Pavilion, Arts Centre, Melbourne.

We love that there will be model over 60 years old at this year’s fashion festival! It’s something we don’t see enough of and we hope that we’ll start to see more from now on, too!

Tell us, would you love to see more real over 60s modelling clothes on the catwalk and in the fashion pages? 

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  2. I love that there will be fashion for over 60s but even more so that the models will be of that age group as well. Being a 60 year old it is almost impossible to fine quality age appropriate clothes that are not double the price of those for younger women/girls. I don’t want to wear dowdy clothes that look like floral curtain material nor leather and mini skirts at this stage of my life. Should be more of it, very lucrative market.

  3. Are you saying that over 60’s are actually interested in fashion? Of course we bloody are and some of us are a bit bigger than size 12/14 and some of us have huge boobs. How about catering for those too.

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  4. Well overdue, young people aren’t the only ones who want to dress nicely but designers have to remember, we change shape as we grow older. Not all women 5 feet tall are size 8 or 10 and not all 6 feet tall people are a size 18! Do a bit of investigation and use a bit of imagination!!

  5. Let’s hope the mature models are allowed to smile rather than look like the zombies the young one do.

  6. I would love to see models of all ages and sizes if the fashion industry did that they would get a much bigger following!

  7. It is about time the fashion industry started to focus on the over 60 age group. Don’t the authorities keep harping on about how we are, or are going be, the largest demographic group before long or does that just apply to us being a drain on social services and the health system. I have read reports about how retirees are “cashed up” so surely there is a market out there.

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