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Fashion changes as we age and it has been a phenomenon that occurs for years. But for some reason, these changes are modelled around the way bodies are “expected” to age. They’re modelled around the stereotypical changes our bodies experience, as we get older.

But Twiggy has been very outspoken this week about it saying that it needs to stop. The Daily Mail reports that Twiggy said, “I refuse to say women of certain ages should not wear certain things. It is all about how you wear it. It makes me crazy when I read magazines which say, ‘if you’re a teenager wear this, if you’re 30, wear this, if you’re 40, wear this’”.


And she has a point – why do we have “guidelines” about what pieces of clothing we’re allowed to wear? Furthermore, why does society decide what we’re allowed to wear?

Twiggy went on to say that she had recently done a photo shoot wearing skinny jeans, a black leather jacket and backcombed hair and she looked great!

Madonna also recently said, “Women generally, when they reach a certain age, have accepted that they’re not allowed to behave a certain way. But I don’t follow the rules. I never did and I’m not going to start. This is what a 56 year old looks like”.


So we have two women who are leading the way in busting the stereotypes around ageing. But do we feel the same way?

On many Starts at 60 style articles we get told things like “that’s too old” or “that’s too young” so are there young and old clothes? Are there certain things that we shouldn’t be wearing and things that we should?


For many it comes down to personal choice – what we are comfortable in. And to be frank, we think that this is what it should be about. But what about when your idea of comfortable is different to someone else’s idea of comfortable – what should you do then?

With phrases like “mutton dressed as lamb” and other quite horrible things being thrown around so loosely, can we be comfortable while being comfortable?


So tell us, do you agree with Twiggy and Madonna? Do you think everyone can dress how they feel comfortable without feeling uncomfortable because of the opinions of others? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

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  1. I am now 60 and are a cleaner and are now cooking from a new N.Z book called Go Lean & Clean by Carrie.It shows how to make lots of food with ground up nuts and fruit etc and my figure is looking good for it so i certainly don’t want to dress in loose unflattering clothes

  2. I do agree – it really depends on whether it suits the person and looks good on them and in my opinion Madonna looks very silly but not because of her age or her very nice figure – but because the outfit itself is silly (no one should dress like a bull fighter unless they are a bull fighter).

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    • Madonna is an entertainer, not a fashion guru. She dresses as she does because of that fact. I don’t always like what she wears but what does that matter. Won’t make any bad comments about it because it just isn’t my business.

  3. I think to a certain extent she is right, She looks great, But I do think you have to work with what you have, In regards to cut and shape of garments, Madonnas on the other hand some of her outfits look tragic, I don’t think stylish ladies want to walk around with their rear end showing through their clothes, So I think it’s a little of what looks good on you and go with it.

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    • You’re so right Sharon and sometimes you’ll find women who just have the knack, they’ll put certain things together and pull it off beautifully. I have just bought a pair of red shoes with a slightly higher heel, nothing like a stiletto so hope I’ll be able to wear them as I am so sick of Nana shoes that look serviceable and are comfortable. I think it’s so sad when people don’t take time to step out of the box a little.

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      • I have a “thing” for red shoes – just a recent love affair!

  4. I agree. I have a wardrobe of clothes that were suitable for my job but since retirement I seldom wear. I wear ‘scruffies’ around home and in the garden and it does not matter what I look like. Who cares, anyway? The outfit Madonna has on is silly and would look ridiculous on whoever modelled it. Some clothes are just that—silly. Twiggy, on the other hand, looks fabulous!

  5. My much younger sister always says to me: “just because you are a Nana does nor mean you need to look like one.” And when discussing “going grey” with my daughter, her response was: “but grey is so aging.”

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    • I am facing that very battle, I don’t want to go grey and I have been told it is ageing. I am 66 but I have seen some women who are grey with very funky cuts, bright lipstick and they look fabulous!! I don’t want to colour my hair myself but It keeps getting dearer. I think what puts some people off, myself included, is because when they go grey, they don’t bother making an effort.

  6. Agree with Twiggy but definitely not with Madonnas she looks like a streetwalker a lot of the time and teaches her young daughter the wrong way for a teenager to dress by all means wear what your comfortable in but for heavens sake don’t go overboard


  8. Women are their own worst enemy when it comes to dress. I have never heard a man comment on whether a woman’s clothes are “suitable” for her age, only women think in that critical way. Let’s stop being so critical of each other, let’s stand up for the rights of other women to wear what they choose and to be comfortable in what they wear.

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    • I so agree with this. I often listen to the so called ‘experts’, often prune mouthed men, and laugh. If one of them says I shouldn’t wear something because of my age, it is so so tempting to go out and buy one hahahaha

    • I totally agree, dress how you want to. Admittedly, your clothes do say something about you sometimes, but let “yourself” come out, that’s more important than what you wear. A bright personality pops out at you, no matter what you are wearing, and if you are sour and grumpy, that comes out too, regardless of what you are wearing.

  9. When I was a teenager I was a nicely rounded young woman, but when Twiggy came on the scene, I was regarded as fat. I had been a plump child and called various names like ‘Tugboat Annie’ but as I grew older I was a fairly active teenager but not into sport-I’ve never been interested and would rather read books. Nursing kept me trimmed but I was still treated as fat. I eventually succumbed and decided if I was going to be treated as fat, I may as well be fat. It’s now a problem getting clothes to fit so it’s just as well I don’t crave to dress like Twiggy. I have found much more worthy role models to admire , by reading!

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    • Good on you Mate. I was a slim trim teen but these days not so slim, breastless through (beaten) breast cancer. I am not a fan of not so slim women wearing tight clothes as I think they could look wonderful in something looser (but hey, that is just my opinion)! I wear slightly looser clothing now, have given away the prosthetics and even though I care little what others think am often told how nice I look. I am ME and the only time I want another’s opinion is if I truly do look ridiculous lol So far so good

  10. I wear what i want.As long as i am clean and my clothes are ironed i don’t care about anyone elses opinion.If they want me to wear different clothes and cover myself in make up then they can pay for them.

  11. Oh, and I think Twiggy still looks absolutely gorgeous!!

  12. This is what I think too. Heard a lady type in she doesnt think makeup is aging appropriate . Not so, look your best no matter. No excuse for laziness. Takes a small amount of time. I can put eyeliner on after all these years without looking. Stay lovely..

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