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As we get older mother nature has the perfect trick up her sleeve for us! As we develop wrinkles, mysterious hairs, and other skin imperfections on our faces – our eyesight has gone and we cannot focus on any of it!

To the rescue is our trusty make up mirror – magnified of course. Ladies, this is one of the wisest beauty investments we can make – so choose a good one! Otherwise you will be setting foot outside of the house with drag-queen blush, foundation that is not rubbed in properly or worse – random whiskers.

When buying your mirror I would go into a shop to check it out, unless you already know exactly what you want. Mirrors can go from fairly subtle magnification right up to around 15x magnification, so you need to work out which is the correct strength for your needs.

There are three types that I would recommend having in your beauty arsenal. Keep one in your handbag, one in your travel cosmetics bag and have a cracker in your home bathroom. For home I like one that has built-in led lighting. You can have them permanently attached to your wall at home, but before you do this, consider the lighting in your bathroom. If you have a pedestal mirror you can move it about into different rooms of the house where the lighting may be better.

Here is Starts at 60 Style’s roundup of some of the best magnifying make-up mirrors out there!



David Jones Beauty magnifying vanity mirror

Available here

Tweezerman led 15x lighted mirror

Available here

Tweezerman tweezermate 10x lighted mirror

Available here

Chanel miroir double facettes miroir duo

Available here

MAC duo-image compact mirror

Available here




David Jones Beauty oval pedestal mirror

Available here

David Jones Beauty double sided pedestal mirror

Available here

HoMedics illuminated beauty mirror

Available here

David Jones Beauty pedestal mirror

Available here

5x plug in wall mounted shaving/makeup mirror extendable arm with light

Available here

Conair compact led lighted mirror

Available here

5x direct wired halo mirror

Available here

Expanded arm wall mounted magnifying mirror

Available here


These websites also have a very good range that I would also recommend checking out:

Magnifying Glass

Available here

My Health and Beauty

Available here

Target USA (you might need to get a friend in the US to pick one of these up for you)

Available here


Do you use a magnifying make-up mirror? Could you live without it?

Siobhan Beirne

Siobhan Beirne is a creative soul with extensive experience in both the fashion & beauty industries. With a keen passion for helping women to look and feel their best, Siobhan cannot wait to share her tips with you all.

  1. With age we become badly sighted for a reason, so we cannot see what we look like in a mirror. I have never worn make up except on stage, so I have never had a compact. There is only one mirror in my house, the one stuck on the wall by the previous owner.
    Other advantages of not seeing things, you don’t see dust so it cuts down the waste of time that we spend cleaning.
    By not seeing yourself in a mirror you can always leave the house feeling gorgeous, no matter what you are wearing or looking like.

  2. I use one when trimming nasal and ear hair and also to trim eyebrows. I try not to look at blemishes and wrinkles with a magnifying mirror for obvious reasons. I find the swivle type to be the best as it enables a view from various angles and is hands free. There are lots of uses for magnifying mirrors but I will not elaborate on that.

  3. Wrinkles? Imperfections? They’ve happened slowly so they are nothing worse than character lines and charm spots. 😉

  4. I don’t love my magnifying mirror it’s a fibber, my eyebrows are looking a bit like Dads and the same as my scales they are the biggest fibber ever.

  5. Couldn’t be without mine been using it since I was 40, I notice my husband uses it to trim his eyebrows ha ha

  6. Been using one for years, don’t have to put my glasses on when using it to put on makeup, oh and great for finding them ukky hairs on the chin to pluck out,

  7. I have a magnifying mirror ,and a few months ago had cataract removed,boy was it a shock.I can see clearly now and it is so beautiful and bright.

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