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As the years go by, you produce less collagen, the protein that gives lips their soft plumpness. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can also cause collagen to break down and lips to thin, which is why we are often advised to use lip balms that have sunscreen in them.

Everyone would love to have fuller, plumper lips. There was a time when all the beauty sirens on screen had a pout to die for, and most people believed that lips like that were unattainable. Then cosmetic surgery was introduced, and many women seemed to want to go down that route. However, surgery is not always the best way to achieve plump lips, as it may have many unpleasant consequences, as well as lead to bad and unsatisfactory results.

With this simple tutorial, see how to get fuller, plumper lips naturally:

Have you tried this?

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  1. She had full lips to start with! What a complicated performance for very little difference.

  2. For it to be believable have an older woman with thin lips do the video not a 20 something beauty with super full lips already!!!!!!

  3. A 20 year old with a naturally full pout showing us over 60’s how to achieve the same, epic fail, please over 60 club don’t go down the popular path of using 18 year olds in their cosmetic adds for wrinkle creams and grey hair coverage, it really is an insult to older women to say the least

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