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I hate winter, but with a splash of colour in my wardrobe it can be almost bearable. So with that in mind I took my size 16-18 body off to Black Pepper at Sale in Gippsland. Being generously proportioned, and welcoming a 76th birthday soon, I thought I might have problems. Almost timidly I went in to try some of the winter range not sure I would find things to fit, but there was so much I liked it was hard to choose just a few outfits! The staff were wonderful, unfazed by my mad dashing from one rack to the next! I loved the clear bright colours and the cut of the garments. I am sure stores in your area will have similar stock. The patient and helpful staff are used to dealing with more mature customers, which helps believe me!


Just remember, right now when you spend $100 or more at Black Pepper, you receive $15 off! The offer is available until Mother’s Day so get shopping now! Available in store or online – it will be applied automatically at checkout. 


Outfit 1 


A beautiful jacket in Magenta got me off to a flying start. With the soft feel of the garment and the easy fit I felt warm and cosy – perfect for the chilly Victorian weather! A Lambton 100% boiled wool jacket, it is priced at $119.00. With a front zip, and roomy pockets. It is available in store. Other Fleece Jackets from $79.95 also in this colour.

Jacket available by clicking here 

Under the jacket I am wearing a striped top called “Leona“ in Petunia and that cost $69.95. Again, it is an easy fit, and made from comfortable fabric. Colours to cheer the most miserable day.

Top available by clicking here 

These black pants were worn with most items I tried on because they fit well and were versatile and comfortable! They are Roma slimline pants.

Pants available by clicking here





Outfit 2


A classic Chanel style jacket, edged with black braid and with two pockets – this is a gorgeous evening look and would be a great dinner or theatre outfit. It has a subtle glitter which is beautiful. It made me feel very special – I could just imagine it teamed with a classic black skirt and heels. Have it firmly on my wish list!

I teamed it with the plain pants I used for most of the fashion pictures however it would have also looked good with the cord pants in the range. The jacket has a zip front. The price is $149.00. Available in store.

Jacket available by clicking here

Pants available by clicking here




Outfit 3


The top is called “Neka” from the new winter range, available in Pine. It has a nice pleated front detail, which lifts the style beautifully. Priced at $69.95.

Top available by clicking here

The jacket I chose was “Oxley” in a stunning blue described as “Twilight”. The cost is $99.95. The design and fabric again faultless and so easy to wear for everyday.

Jacket available by clicking here

Pants available by clicking here


Outfit 4


This was again a rather special jacket and it was available in most sizes in store. It is from the Equus label and has a black pattern over a pale grey. From a small stand up collar it buttons to the waist and has a firm fabric feel. This is again a jacket to wear for lunch dates and celebration days, yet it is still versatile enough for everyday. Priced at $139.00. Available in some stores. All sizes where I shopped.

Jacket is available in store, to find your nearest Black Pepper, click here

Pants available by clicking here


Outfit 5


I tried a casual look for work and play, bright enough to cheer the dullest day (went poetic there!). The purple vest was called “Amira” in the colour “Opulence” and priced at $119.00.

Vest available by clicking here

The riot of flowers Liri top, in the colour Jubilee, was priced at $69.95. Both of these were available in my store, and are very new stock.

Top available in store, to find your nearest Black Pepper, click here


I loved trying all the clothes, and was astounded to find so much I could have welcomed in my wardrobe. Thank you to the great people at the Sale Black Pepper shop. I enjoyed my time there trying the beautiful new season range. The winter range is definitely worth a look so if you get a chance go and have a browse or head to the website www.blackpepper.com.au


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  1. No 2 is nice, the others are a bit old lady for my taste.

    3 REPLY
    • I do have my mad moments too Lyn and wear totally ‘inappropriate’ clothes for my age sometimes, next blog perhaps?could be fun to show a few wild things we wear? I loved the jacket in No 2.

    • Jacqui dress to your personality I get many compliments on my younger clothes my 35 year old daughter wear and share the same clothes..I could afford the clothes when I was young so I enjoy now,,I agree something else besides Black Pepper to see

  2. The writer looks great for her age and the clothes look great on her!

    2 REPLY
    • Thanks Carol I feel very chunky especially when I once weighed a lot less than now, but nice to know things can still be found that fit. Not easy as we head down the slippery slope to 80! I keep saying i will diet, but life gets in the way!

  3. I bought 3 items at Black Pepper shop in Port Macquarie two days ago and didn’t get a discount, maybe it is only in Victoria. I agree there are some lovely things. I especially loved the 7/8th leg length in their pants. Great for we vertically challenged people. I also love the fact that these clothes should travel well and not need ironing when I leave for a holiday in a few weeks.

  4. You look great, Jacquie. I like the no: 2 jacket, very stylish!

  5. I buy a lot of my clothes from Black Pepper, but at the outlet store, the prices are much more affordable, and being a size 12 I can often pick up samples. We go on the train to Dandenong, then usually have lunch at the RSL before coming home. Love the choices you made Jacqui.

  6. No 2 is ok..I am not a fan of Black Pepper too matronly..much more stylish clothes out there,

    1 REPLY
    • If you saw some of my earlier blogs you will see I am not all sense and sensibility, have my crazy clothes too, and love vintage and hippie styles. It is just that we all need some clothes that fit certain parts of our life. My choices can be staid one day and wild the next. It depends on the mood. Also depends if its a ‘Vicar’s tea Party’ or a meet up with friends, different days require different things. I noticed that Black pepper also do another line Yvonne Black? which is a different slant on the usual fashions. I loved a hooded brocade waistcoat in that range.

  7. I don’t like winter at all, went shopping in Hobart last week to find majority of winter clothing was in dark greys and blacks very little colour. I love the brighter colours in the Black Pepper Selections

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