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One of our Starts at 60 Stylers has asked:

“Hi guys, I need a new hairstyle! I am determined to go grey and 3/4’s of the way there, have curly hair currently cut into a boring bob. Help…suggestions please!”

Kay Campbell

Kay, thank you for your terrific question! I am sure many of our community will probably find themselves in this situation at some stage.


I recommend going grey as it sounds like you are ready to take that step. Do this gradually with your hairdresser. Grey is actually very fashionable at the moment, so you will be perfectly on-trend!

You are also very lucky to have curly hair – so make the most of it!  If you feel that your bob is boring (although I think they are gorgeous), I would embrace some layers to give your hair lots of movement and volume. Keep it above the shoulders so as not to drag your face down and to keep it fresh and modern.


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Siobhan Beirne

Siobhan Beirne is a creative soul with extensive experience in both the fashion & beauty industries. With a keen passion for helping women to look and feel their best, Siobhan cannot wait to share her tips with you all.

  1. I have already grown out my color. I am completely white but I need a short hairstyle that looks salon done with little work each day. I have easy to manage curly hair

  2. My hair is naturally dark brown, I wanted it grey but my hairdresser said the process would ruin my hair.Is this correct as I’ve seen quite young girls with obviously dyed grey hair.

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    • Raewyn,your hairdresser gave you good advice, you say you have dark brown hair in which case your hair will have to be bleached untill it is as light as it can take, meaning it will be at breaking point, you would still have some hair that would be yellow so would have to put an ash rinse on which could go grey/green on thr poris ends and still show some yellow….if your hair has been tinted dark brown your roots will end up white and the ends brassy…..this all depends on the length of your hair. ….but stick with your current hairdresser she gave you good advice

  3. “Tips for any lady’s out there who are in between grey and their natural colour.” If you have grey, that IS your natural colour….

  4. It was a relatively easy transition for me. I decided to cut my hair really short and continued to keepit short. Best decision ever and saves me a fortune.

  5. Well I’ve got the new hairstyle
    And that took – quite a while.
    Different people chipped & chopped,
    until I liked the style.

    But the colour, that’s a different thing.
    Been a “blondie” all my life
    And the grey is mixing in right now,
    does it mean the end of life?

    Sometimes I think I’ll just let go
    Turning grey is not a crime.
    But then I feel like “me” again,
    And go blonde – just one more time!!

  6. I am very disillusioned with hairdressers, at the moment I am cutting it myself, needless to say I am not very good at it, they cut it way too short no matter what you ask them to do.

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    • Lee there are good, no, great hairdressers out there…if you see a lady with a style and cut you like ask them where they had it done and try that stylist…you cut your hair yourself and it will look like it…I would never do that and I have been hairdressing for 54 years…and still doing so….just look around and get the right stylist who listens to what you want…also don’t leave it too long between haircuts as often the stylist has to take of more than you want just to get the hair in shape and looking good, a regular trim will get the style and hair that you are looking for….

  7. I am very disillusioned with hairdressers, at the moment I am cutting it myself, needless to say I am not very good at it, they cut it way too short no matter what you ask them to do.

  8. I have curly hair and am trying to grow the dye out, I got it cut off very short , I look like an old skin head , but in the end I can decide if I like it grey or not , then I will grow it into a bob near my ears

  9. I keep it short so it stays silvery. If I let it grow a little I get that yellowy colour which looks awful.

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    • Linda if you r hair gets a yellow tinge use a silver shampoo that will get rid of it…..just not all the time or you will get a blue tinge

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