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As we cross from the hot Australian summer to the cool and windy autumn, the weather becomes a little unpredictable. One day is still warm but the next brings a chilly breeze, making dressing appropriately for Mother Nature a little harder.

It’s all about being clever in what you choose. Layering is perfect for mid-season weather right across Australia. Put one on when it gets cooler, and take it off in the warmer parts of the day.

Cardigans, scarves, ponchos and jackets are at their best at this time of year and work well during the transition from summer to winter.

One concern with layering is the bulk it can create. Well, this season’s thin knit fabrics and sheer finishing touches will no doubt get you excited.

This range from Black Pepper is showcasing exactly what we mean…

Our tips for layering include:


1. Choose the right cut and fit

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 1.46.15 pm


Choose less structured pieces when you layer clothes. Anything that can be draped or easily fit over tops and dresses is perfect. We love this gorgeous Matilda ¾ sleeve cardi as anything can be worn underneath!

Matilda ¾ cardigan

Sizes: S-Xl

Price: $89.95

Available by clicking here



2. Choose the right fabrics

 Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 1.49.23 pm


Softer fabrics make layering easy by allowing pieces to be worn underneath and on top. We love this Lana Georgette ¾ shirt – you can wear it open with a light camisole underneath or with a draped cardigan over the top!

 Lana Georgette ¾ shirt

Sizes: 8-20

Price: $89.95

Available by clicking here



3. Choose the right colours



If you’re not so sure about doing much with colour, choose a classic base colour and add layers in brighter colours or vice versa! We love a plain top like the Winterlock top with a bold jacket like the Jacket Roma. Add a bright scarf to finish off the look!

Winterlock top

Sizes: 8-20

Price: $29.95

Available by clicking here 

Jacket Roma

Sizes: 8-20

Price: $89.95

Available by clicking here



4. Choose the right length for each piece

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 1.58.26 pm


Make each layer a little longer than the last to keep your outfit looking finished and balanced, and make sure that not too many colours and prints are exposed at once. We love the finished look of the Pymble Jacket over the Calvagh Top.

Calvagh Top

Sizes: 8-20

Price: $69.95

Available by clicking here

Pymble Jacket

Sizes: 8-18

Price: $129.00

Available by clicking here


This article has been sponsored by Black Pepper. It has been written independently by the Starts at 60 team as it provides insights to, what we feel is, valuable and relevant content for our community. To find out more about Black Pepper or look at their full clothing range, head to their website by clicking here.



Black Pepper

Established in 1977, Black Pepper is proud to have earned the reputation for making quality lifestyle leisurewear for women in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Our extensive range of styles and colours are designed at our head office in Melbourne Australia. At the heart of the design process, we have always had comfort, superior fit, timeless style, fabric durability, and ease of care in mind.

  1. We will be going to Europe for 9 weeks shortly and I have planned a mix and match layering wardrobe that will fit into a lightweight (1.4kg) cabin bag and still meet the allowance. Hopefully we will resist any temptation to buy more. No way do we want to lug a huge suitcase around! Layering definitely the way to go.

    5 REPLY
    • My son and his wife travel oversea’s a lot, they wear a double layer and take empty bags, they buy what they need overseas at reduced prices and come home with some amazing clothing items

    • Judi I have no idea how you pack for 9 weeks in a cabin bag…even layering seems impossible.. …you have my admiration as we are travelling for 7 weeks and I don’t want to be continually washing and trying to dry things…. Warner clothes still weigh a fair bit

    • That’s a good other option, Libby. We figure if we need much warmer clothing we will use the charity shops and recycle when we are ready to return. For this trip I haven’t had to buy much at all, using what I already have with just a couple of jewel coloured tops and light jewellery to vary the black and white colour scheme. We are probably crazy but will see how it goes. I’ll get bored but we will be in new places all the time so it won’t be obvious to others. We will wear the heavier stuff on planes but will also be using rail. The cabin bags were on special at Strandbags for $64 supposedly reduced from $199. They are light as a feather (actually 1.2 I think) but very strong with a 10 year guarantee. Have done a test pack and looking good but laundromats will be our friends!

    • The experiment might fall flat Dianne but we’ll give it our best shot. My husband is a man for all seasons packer so he is certainly being challenged!

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