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At the age of 69, Goldie Hawn still knows how to rock a youthful look! Here Goldie is attending the launch of Travels to my Elephant, to help save the Asian elephant from extinction.

Achieving Goldie’s look is so incredibly easy! All you need is a long-line waterfall cardi, a tunic top, leggings, knee-high boots and a Chanel handbag! (Just joking about the bag, but if you want to truly get the look – choose something quilted)

Here is how to get the look with Starts at 60 Style!

GOLDIE HAWN TRAVELS WITH ELEPHANTSGlassons drapey waterfall cardi

Available here

Boho Bird on the road swing top

Available here

Millers regular slim ponte pant

Available here

Colette by Colette Hayman immy diamond quilt bag

Available here

Next snake effect flat over the knee boots

Available here

Mink Pink paparazzi sunglasses

Available here


Do you think Goldie looks amazing? Can you see yourself wearing something similar?

Siobhan Beirne

Siobhan Beirne is a creative soul with extensive experience in both the fashion & beauty industries. With a keen passion for helping women to look and feel their best, Siobhan cannot wait to share her tips with you all.

  1. Oh, that’s Goldie’s look too? I’ve been dressing this way all along! Nice to know that it is shared by others with good taste! ^_^

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  2. I have always loved Goldie Hawn.
    She gives the impression that life is to be lived to the fullest and to enjoy it.

  3. What are pounds???
    This is Australia. Learn the correct terms of speech.
    Gives away the fact your post is a scam.

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