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Dame Quentin Bryce never sets a foot wrong when it comes to her style – she is always immaculately groomed and elegantly dressed for the occasion.

To achieve Dame Quentin’s look, go for well-tailored classic but feminine suiting. Choose dresses or skirts with a fitted jacket instead of trousers, and do not be afraid to wear beautiful colours! Keep your accessories to a minimum – try a gorgeous double strand pearl necklace and simple pearl earrings.

Here Starts at 60 Style shows you how to achieve this elegant look!





27062015 QUENTIN BRYCE 2

Millers boucle zip jacket

Available here

Millers boucle skirt

Available here

Carla Zampatti incandescent brocade Hollywood jacket

Available here

Carla Zampatti incandescent brocade Hollywood sheath

Available here

Perri Cutten Melinda dress

Available here

Perri Cutten Carine bolero

Available here

Naturalizer Oribel taupe pump

Available here

Gregory Ladner pearl earrings

Available here

Trent Nathan faux pearl necklace

Available here

Agenda threaded hatched pearl necklace

Available here


What do you think of  Dame Quentin Bryce’s style?  Do you think she is one of Australia’s best dressed women?


Siobhan Beirne

Siobhan Beirne is a creative soul with extensive experience in both the fashion & beauty industries. With a keen passion for helping women to look and feel their best, Siobhan cannot wait to share her tips with you all.

  1. Yes she is lovely. Very slim though, always impeccably turned out. I am happy with my style, probably similar but less dressy.

  2. She is lovely and thin so none of her style would suit but I love what she wears. It is classy and looks fabulous. Would love her dress allowance too.

  3. Always beautifully dressed I agree with Kim Dowling the clothing allowance has a lot to with it,but also you have to the dress sense!

  4. I admire the way she dresses and conducts herself. Such a wonderful lady. But I could never deal with the pressure of constant high heels and perfect hair. Guess I am a jeans and sneakers type of woman.

  5. Such a classy lady…… And yet she can talk to anyone.she always had a soft spot for the ” bush” which is where she started. A true Australian icon!!!!

  6. well with her money she damn well should be well dressed.

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    • Gina Hancock has money and I wouldn’t call her well dressed 🙂

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