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The 70s brought some great fashion. Remember Joni Mitchell, Bianca Jagger and Cher? They were the greatest icons of 1970s fashion where flares, platforms, fringe and suede dominated our closets.

And then, year after year, the 70s fashion keep coming back, each time with a new twist be it print or fabric type.

But of all the 70s fashion that we love and wished had continued on, there are just some we never want to see again!

Here are just some that were arguably the most cringeworthy fashion that popped up during the fun and crazy decade. Some we don’t even know their names, so if you know what they are called, please tell us in the comments.

Pocket squares
Was it really cool to have contrasting pockets? These pants had a utilitarian look to them.

70s fashion square pockets

Was super shiny fabric really the highlight of the decade? Imagine the sweating that happened in those outfits!

70s fashion shiny

Some called these onesies but we really don’t have any idea what these outfits are called. We’re not even sure if they went with pants or just on their own.

70s fashion onesies

One-piece wonder
These men probably looked really cool back then. They look like jumpsuits but for men and dressier too.

70s fashion

Did you or your friends ever wear these outfits?

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  1. Bodysuit…”the sport shirt that can never pull out of your pants”. These were not worn alone!

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    • I had a hand-me-down from a sister that sat beautifully with a satin skirt – invisible panty line before its time. Didn’t know that men could have them also.

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