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We all want to look as vibrant and youthful as possible, don’t we?

Our sense of style plays a vital role in how old we appear to others. Did you realise that maybe you could be making yourself look older just by how you throw your look together?

Don’t let your sense of style let you down and make you look old!

Here are Starts at 60 Style’s sure-fire tips to ensure you are not looking old when you next walk out your door!


1. Moderate your look each season

I encourage all of you to do this. Go through your wardrobe. Throw out anything that is stained, doesn’t fit anymore or is shabby. Don’t forget to go through all of your shoes, accessories and bags – if anything looks tired or shabby let it go. If there is anything that you don’t see yourself using again give it away too.


2. Embrace some of this season’s key colour trends

This will keep your look current and show that you have still got it!


18092015 DRESS YOUNGER 1

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Witchery morgan espadrille

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Walnut Melbourne tilda espadrille

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3. Don’t overdo the sensible shoes!

I am all about comfort – don’t get me wrong, but I draw a line at ugly shoes in public. Look for wedges, shoes with a small heel, ballet flats with arch support and pumps. Choose some sporty flats or espadrilles. You can still look stylish – just avoid anything uncomfortable like shoes that don’t give enough support, stilettos and pointy toes. Also avoid nude pantihose – no, no, no – they are very ageing.


4. Choose some on-trend accessories

Be sure to finish off your outfit with some interesting accessories.

If you’re putting in a little extra effort into getting dressed, you’ll create the impression that you take pride in your appearance and that you appreciate fashion.

This is probably the easiest way to keep dressing young – just update your handbag, sunnies or some bling!


18092015 DRESS YOUNGER 2


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5. No matchy-matchy

Matching your nail polish on your fingers and toes will instantly make you look older. So will matching too much of your outfit – like your shoes, belt and your bag. You want things to go well together, but matchy-matchy is dated.


6. Wear some younger shapes

Stick to the classics with your wardrobe essentials and mix some new season styles back with them – something with a bit of interest or an edge. Don’t forget the younger shapes like a tee shirt, denim jacket and jeans – items like this will give a more relaxed, young feel to your look.


18092015 DRESS YOUNGER 3


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Have you found these tips helpful?  Do you have any tips that you would like to share?



Siobhan Beirne

Siobhan Beirne is a creative soul with extensive experience in both the fashion & beauty industries. With a keen passion for helping women to look and feel their best, Siobhan cannot wait to share her tips with you all.

  1. Great read,but the few times i wear a dress i need stockings..in this article you say nude are aging.can you please suggest alternative…please please i have one very marked leg and need cove makeup does’t do it,thank you always looking for help on this problem,trousers are really a life saver

    8 REPLY
    • Alison. As in the photo with the Lime green top/dress, could you wear thin leggings with your dress. White or black go with most things – but they are available in lots of colours. I do this. The only time that I wear stockings is if I wear black ones. Plain black or patterned black. And leggings are available online from Ezibuy – they have lots to choose from – and you can easily return them if they are the wrong size or you don’t like them.

    • Hi Alison, I wear colourful maxi dresses (thank goodness they are ‘in’) – you don’t need stockings & they will cover your leg – I have a similar problem.

    • I love mine. Great name Alison, isn’t it? Apparently I was named after June Allyson, the film star, but Dad registered me as Allison.

    • oh Love June Allyson…yes it is a great name i didnt like it at school as i was only one and didnt like standing out but later loved it

    • So pleased you loved the Gold Coast Alison. Yes I’ve lived here nearly 30 years – couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Came from NZ & get back to see my sister & her family sometimes.

  2. Sorry….I dress for comfort. HAVE to wear support shoes……only thing I MUST do is colour my hair…..lol

  3. Now we need a raise in the pension so we can afford to look good.

    4 REPLY
    • Great tips but if you cannot afford new clothes check out some of the op shops, everything is not second hand I know this for a fact as I volunteer in one and cannot believe the beautiful clothes that are donated at times that still have labels on them…..

  4. Why would I want to dress younger. I dress to be comfortable. The day is coming when I’ll be back in nappies. But, until then, I’ll dress in the way I like to and let everyone else dress the way they want.

    6 REPLY
  5. Enjoyed that article. Hopefully I am doing the right thing. No point dressing like an old lady when with a small amount of effort we can look stylish.

  6. Good article. And I may buy some of the items that you have featured.

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