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Ever wonder if you should be wearing that jacket with your skirt? Or that plaid top with your purple pants? We’ve found some wonderful fashion cheat sheets to help answer all of your fashion queries.

1. Jackets, take your pick. There’s options for every season.


Image via fashioninfographics.com


2. Learn the names of each type of dress.


Image via ladylikeblog.com


3. Plaid can stick around if you do it properly. Do you have a favourite plaid top?


Image via the-tweed-fox.tumblr.com


4. Every neckline. What suits you best?


Image via fashioninfographics.com


5. What necklaces to wear with each neckline.


Image via ladylikeblog.com


6. Know what colour to pair with each outfit.

Colours copyImage via Paris-to-go.com


7. Mix your prints with ease.


Image via historyinhighheels.blogspot.in


8. Handbag 101.


Image via fashioninfographics.com


9. Look at all of the brilliant ways there are to wear a scarf!

scarfImage via fashioninfographics.com


10. Just in case you’re wanting to get a bit fancy, here’s a gown length visual glossary for you too.

gown length

Image via fashioninfographics.com


And for a matter of cleanliness, we’ve included a washing clothes guide and a guide to hangers. We’re sure you’ve learned by now but we found this images quite clever. 




Images via esquire.com


Tell us, what is the best fashion advice you have received? Do you have any other tips or tricks to dressing your best? 

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  1. My daughter is a fashionista..revamped my wardrobe. .put me in styles l fought against!! Happy to say l now look better & get lots of compliments.

  2. I’ve never been a great follower of fashion, too often the fashion colours for the season or the styles just don’t suit me. Comfort is what I find most important now.

  3. Best fashion advice….. Wear what ever you like… Why would anyone take notice of people who are just trying to sell things?

  4. More information than I’ll ever need to know! 🙂

  5. As a transgendered woman this is such an informative site, this one has taught me things that would have taken me a long time to learn otherwise, I’m going to save this for future reference

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