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Don’t you just hate how onions make you cry? For some people, onions can really hurt their eyes too.

The chemicals in the onions, when cut, travel through the air and when they hit the back of your nasal cavity and your eyes, you start to cry.

Some people have tried wearing goggles and some cut onions under running water and claim that they really work.

But what if the solution is as easy as snacking on something while you chop the onions?

Apparently, all you need is gum! Chewing gum forces you to breathe through your mouth, which helps you diffuse the odours that make you cry so the chemicals don’t make it to your nasal cavity.

By chewing gum, you are stopping any irritants from going up your nose, so the glands don’t get frustrated. So easy!

How do you stop onions from making you cry?

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  1. Well then. I guess I’ll have to get me some chewing gum….
    or plug tobacco.

  2. What if you do what is respectful and chew with your mouth shut. This is ridiculous. I thought someone had finally come up with a good answer to onion tears.

  3. For years, I chopped up onions with a sewing needle held between my teeth and had no tears. I’ve since kept the needle for sewing and just keep my mouth open and teeth together. No tears!

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