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The elderly volunteers at Wheelchairs for Kids work together to help make a difference.

A group of 170 elderly retirees from Perth have been using their collective skills to make something really special – wheelchairs for kids.

In fact, they produce more than 200 wheelchairs a month for children around the world.

Each volunteer has a different set of skills which they combine with great teamwork to make these wheelchairs.

The Wheelchairs for Kids team celebrated a huge milestone – the 30,000th wheelchair made.

Their group, Wheelchairs for Kids, have constructed and distributed wheelchairs to children with disabilities such as cerebral palsy in more than 60 countries.

“I’m not so sure that foreign aid always gets to the right place. But we can be 100 percent that our wheelchair gets to the right place,” Wheelchairs for Kids volunteer Gordon Hudson told ABC Lateline.

Each wheelchair costs around $200 to make, with the group relying on donations to construct models made from steel and aluminium to suit the World Health Organisation recommendations.

Seeing a shipment of wheelchairs go off to their hopeful recipients.

They also include hip and trunk supports, shoulder straps and head rests which are all packed into a sturdy box alongside a teddy bear.

The group began in 1998 and has donated 32,468 wheelchairs so far.

Look at the wonderful work they have done…

If you would like to donate to the cause, visit:

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  1. I have been reading your articles and they are fantastic. Mature Australia Party, is a newly formed political party that represents the 50+’s, pensioners and self funded retirees. We are trying to spread the word for people to be aware there is a party that cares for seniors and will return the respect to them that they deserve.
    P Bradshaw

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