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This quick and easy homemade yoghurt differs from the store bought version because it’s fermented with lactic acid bacteria which makes it last longer, taste better and easier to digest.

It’s perfect for those who are lactose intolerant or feeling unwell in the tummy.

There are two ways to make this yoghurt: with coconut yoghurt or with greek yoghurt.




  • 1/2 cup of coconut yoghurt OR natural Greek yoghurt
  • 1 cup of coconut milk OR dairy milk



  1. Heat up milk and place into a glass jar or thick plastic.
  2. Allow the milk to cool slightly and add the yoghurt and keep in an oven overnight at approx. 40-50C degrees.
  3. Take out in the morning and refrigerate for a few hours, then eat!

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  1. And like commercial yoghurt is not made with lactic acid bacteria? You even use commercial yoghurt in the recipe. Get real!

  2. We are over 60 not senile . Use words like authentic economical easy and fresh . We understand this language . Forget the pseudo jargon . We don’t need it . But this is a good recipe . Thanks for sharing .

  3. I use a yogurt maker with whole milk and starter from the last batch. It tastes excellent but is not as smooth, thick or creamy as store bought. Does anyone know what to do?

  4. I’ve been making my own yoghurt for ages. I get the culture from Green Living Australia and use powdered milk, a little stevia and some vanilla essence. It’s cheap to make and delicious. I bought a Yoghurt Maker which takes 11/2 litres at a time. I have it with my porridge every day, including a little fruit or nuts. I also make some for my husband using fresh goat milk but add a little gelatine because it doesn’t set as well as the other.

  5. If you have an internal hot water service that is accessible just put your mix, in its container, of course, on top of the HWS, close the door and leave it overnight. For extra tick Yog. add some extra full cream milk powder.

  6. VTry setting yoghurt in spa pool overnight if you have one. Temp should be at 34 -37 degrees. Make sure lid is on tightly!!

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