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This is a delicious and simple recipe for a classic coffee date loaf. Best of all it has no added sugar, and is both gluten free and lactose free!

Serves 10



Preheat oven to 180°C. Add the instant coffee to 1 cup (250ml) of boiling water and stir well. Into a bowl, pour the coffee over the dates and soak overnight. Stir in the flour. Spoon the mixture into a paper lined 20cm springform cake pan, and bake for 45 minutes. Remove and cool, when ready to serve pile high with fresh, seasonal raspberries.

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Taken from:  4 Ingredients Gluten Free Lactose Free

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Have you ever made date loaf before? Do you think you would try this simple recipe? 

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  1. Could this be made with regular flour?

    1 REPLY
    • Yes, they are similar in nature, the only difference maybe that the GF flour will not be quite as lift as regular flour as it is the gluten that holds at the height they rise rise (also helps to get that high rise)

  2. I agree Sharon. I’m off sugar and wouldn’t go near this because of the high sugar content in the dates. I’d have a few raspberries Though! 🙂

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