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Here is a perfect winter dish for your next weeknight dinner. This is truly a hearty recipe.


Ingredients and method

  1. Prepare your chicken. Our guest contributor actually lived on farm so plucked and gutted the roosters and prepared them for the dish. She used two roosters per pie.
  2. Finely slice about three sticks of celery
  3. Grate four smallish peeled carrots
  4. Finely chop three onions, leeks and garlic and mushrooms. Cooked all together gently in butter, and if it is a bit dry just add more butter.
  5. Add a tin of carnation evaporated milk and a container of carnation cooking cream. If needed, you can add curry powder, or put into a pie as is.
  6. Encase in puff pastry with an egg wash and top with sesame seeds.
  7. Bake in a moderate to hot oven until golden brown. Remove from oven and tuck in.


Tell us, have you ever made chicken pie from scratch? How did it go? Will you try this recipe?


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  1. What did she prepare the roosters I presume she cut the meat into small pieces and put them in the pie but do they need cooking first.? When she said ‘cook all together’ does that include the rooster meat? It doesn’t say so. Recipes should be clearly written . Is there any reason why chicken mince or a barbequed chook couldn’t be used?

  2. Two roosters seems a lot for one pie, I will try this, but I will have to guess how much chicken to put in.

  3. Love pies especially fish pie with fresh Tas scallops prawns salmon in a white sauce just made five ate one froze the rest. And I really love lamb shank pies too, you can make any casserole into a pie but I don’t make family size pies any more unless family comes over and requests one.

  4. Not exactly a pie, but chicken, leek, carrot, mushrooms in the slow cooker, finished off with herb dumplings half an hour before serving. Wonderful.

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