Will world politicians finally admit the truth about aliens?

Politicians will make all sorts of promises to all sorts of people especially in an election year. Almost no special

Politicians will make all sorts of promises to all sorts of people especially in an election year. Almost no special interest group is too small, too weird or too plain stupid to be ignored – after all, even idiots who haven’t actually been incarcerated can vote.

Recently Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton made her bid for support from those who believe in Unidentified Flying Saucers (UFOs), alien visitations, alien abductions and conspiracy theorists who believe that governments are hiding what they are pleased to call “the truth”.

She was asked by an interviewer if she would “tell the truth about UFOs” and she bravely replied, “I am. I have said I want to open the files as much as we can…I want to see what the information shows. But there are enough stories out there that I don’t think that everybody is just sitting in their kitchen making them up…I think that people see things…”

Given that a recent national poll in the USA showed that 36% believe extraterrestrials have visited earth and that 80% believe that the government has kept UFO information from the public, it is good politics to pander to this crowd.

The odd thing is that Hillary’s loving hubby Bill was President for eight years and didn’t open any such files. In fact Bill is on the record as saying that he considers “the Roswell thing” as “an illusion” However, like any good politician, he left himself an escape clause – “I did attempt to find out if there were any secret documents that reveal things and, if there were, they were concealed from me too. I wouldn’t be the first president that underlings have lied to.”

Of course, for the true believers, this is proof positive that there are secret documents and a conspiracy to conceal them. These are the sorts of folks who think that “The X Files” series are documentaries.

Another US President who promised before he was elected to open these alleged files is Jimmy Carter- “If I become president, I’ll make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public and scientists.” He did become president and he didn’t reveal one bit of information – again “proving” the cover-up conspiracy – and Carter says he has actually seen a UFO.

“The Roswell thing” to which Bill Clinton referred is the Holy Grail for believers – allegedly in 1947 a spaceship crashed in the desert in the USA and dead aliens were discovered on board. We know very little about it but this is because of the cover-up conspiracy, isn’t it?

The renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking once observed, “If governments are involved in covering up the knowledge of aliens then they are doing a much better job of it than they seem to do at anything else.” Presumably, the UIFO cover-up conspiracy makes the Watergate scandal look child’s play by comparison.

But what is happening in Australia?

In December 2008, an intrepid reporter cornered then Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull. This story appears at the “UFO Casebook” site and is a classic example of how clearly dismissive replies to obviously stupid questions can be twisted.

It bears quoting: “On the issue of whether he (Turnbull) would disclose what the government knew about UFOs, alien visitation and contact with humans he was rather evasive and claimed he wasn’t sure the government knew anything and if anyone did know something they weren’t telling him or anyone he knows. Then he made the surprise revelation that ‘information on that subject would be above top secret, the highest classification of secrecy. This was a truly remarkable comment.”

Of course, this just goes to show that Turnbull actually knows that there is a cover-up conspiracy, doesn’t it? This has the potential to destroy the Turnbull government if other journalists press him on this vital subject. if they are fair they will also quiz Bill Shorten about the UFO cover-ups during the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd governments.

The conclusion by this report is undoubtedly accurate, isn’t it? “So there we have it, yet again another top-ranking politician alluding to a government within a government that might know something but isn’t telling anyone, even elected officials and party heads.”

Actress Shirley McLaine in her autobiography, “I’m All Over That”, wrote about her affair with former Foreign Minister, Opposition Leader and Australian Ambassador to the USA, Andrew Peacock. In Hollywood there is weird, really weird and Shirley McLaine.

“As Foreign Minister he controlled the information coming out of Alice Springs (supposedly the underground UFO research facility in Australia). But because he was sworn to secrecy, he never told me outright that UFOs were extraterrestrial in origin and were present.”

“But he said and did nothing to disabuse me of such a belief. When I told him I had gone to see Jimmy Carter to discuss UFOs, he just smiled again…He was learning more about the subject of UFOs from me than I was learning for him.”

Ah that deceptive smile – proof again of a cover-up, right?

What do you think? Do you believe in aliens?

  1. Peter Nuzum  

    I am with Stephen Hawking. Our politicians can’t even keep Cabinet documents secret. How on earth could they keep Alien evidence secret? We are giving politicians too much credit for intelligence for there to be any cover-up. They are not that bright.

    • JonJuhl  

      The politicians aren’t part of the cover-up, it’s handled way above that level. Hawking’s saying what he’s saying because he has to play that game, namely the official stand that there’s neither contact with visitors or any proof hereof. In fact, there’s plenty evidence like hundreds of documents that show a huge interest and (then) concern, on the part of the US Government on this issue. Hillary and Bill were part of the so-called Rockefeller Intiative, look it up and write about it. Your next story is right there. Of course Governments can keep it secret, this issue is maybe a little more important than Cabinet files. This is a national security issue i.e. you can’t keep big state secrets or even govern a big country, unless you have ways of managing those secrets well. One such way is influence over the media and certain press. Back in the ’80s we learned that hundreds of journalists were on the CIA payroll and that’s basically how some issues are stopped from the inside. It’s really not that difficult and simply the chosen method, MSM play right along giving us mindless entertainment to divert attention. But it’s a bad idea now as more people are getting real tired of the schemes of politicians, nobody with his or her marbles still in place trust their Governments anymore when seeing all the post-9/11 instigated surveillance craze. How do you achieve a police state and thus more authoritarian control; by making sure situations happen that’ll lead to that result. Hillary’s not pandering to a UFO crowd she’s talking because overall Disclosure is pretty close, she’s preparing for that day if or when Obama discloses and she might be the first female US President. Let this be your next article, Mr. Grenning as the time is long past the point of no return for the ridicule factor. People are really tired of that, it’s on its last leg. Journalists should get on board the boat now or drown in tears of regret on the sideline tomorrow, spitefulness won’t be easily washed away from public memory.

  2. Colin Kelly  

    I was one of the 200+ students at Westall that winessed the UFO sighting 6.4.66. Statements submitted to investigator Shane Ryan (Canberra ). Yes I’m a believer & would be very interested to access the mysterious dissapeared evidence of the Westall incident.50 years & we are still waiting . Come clean,we deserve to know.

  3. Thanks for writing this article Russell and initiating dialogue around the subject. What the Disclosure Australia project confirmed was that records in the National Australia Archives confirmed what many UFO researchers have known for years – that Australian authorities have been interested in the UFO phenomenon and have been busily documenting it behind the scenes. I’ve been an active UFO researcher and investigator for 28 years and for 22 of those years the point of contact for UFO reports for our Brisbane based organisation UFO Research Queensland. While some of the reports I receive are definitely misinterpretations of celestial objects or atmospheric effects, the majority are not, contrary to popular opinon. People are reporting close encounters with non-human intelligences in their homes, while driving cars, on the beaches, while walking in bushlands, over cities etc. This is a real phenomenon that the public is slowly evolving to accept. No matter how long the authorities persist in their coverup, the phenomenon is not going away. Its been with us in our history and will be with us in our future. Again, thanks for writing this story and if you want more information to write an in depth article in the future please call me via our enquiries number 07 3376 1780.

  4. Please take the time to watch this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHxGQjirV-c Dr Stephen Greer exposes what you probably don’t know about world governments, particularly the US and British govts, who have been in power since Roswell and who are supposed to be ‘policing’ the world to keep us safe. Dr Greer put his busy medical career aside to bring this subject matter to the people of the world; to end the secrecy — to expose the outright illegality of how a handful of powerful corporate and military powers have been fooling all of us in a so-far-successful attempt to bring the population of the world together, but NOT in brotherhood. That powerful cabal have access to trillions of dollars at any time — YOUR TAX DOLLARS — which continue to go missing from world govt coffers WITHOUT OVERSIGHT. They have for many decades set us up to believe that our planet is going to come under attack from space (reerf, if you will, to speeches made by ex-Pres Reagan, who was fooled into thinking that attack from space was going to happen). DON’T BE FOOLED. Aliens are NOT out to destroy us and take over our planet. They are light years more advanced than us. If they wanted to, they would have wiped us all out long ago, and very quickly. What they want, what they are waiting for, is for us to stop attacking our own and to stop destroying our own planet. We are not actually ready to go into space because we are NOT civilized, we have to first BECOME civilized and show respect for one another. What we have to do is to shine a light on that handful of powerful people who are using us and our money to make them richer still; to let world governments know that WE KNOW that they themselves are being undermined, that it’s okay now to admit it and that we are ready to take back control of our own destiny. You need to have the GUTS to do that, to stand up and be counted. Watch Dr Greer’s presentation now. It will shock you, I guarantee that, but you need to know the extent to which we have been manipulated, world presidents and prime ministers included.

  5. Robin Henry  

    This is a topic on which I have read widely over many years. At present I’m reading a title called, “UFOs Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record” by Leslie Kean. (Harmony, New York).

    Kean confirms what I have believed for a long time: There is overwhelming evidence of aerial phenomena using our skies that demonstrate dynamic capability far greater than our aerodynamic vehicles are capable of including speeds, manouveribility, hovering, type of propulsion – much of it exceeds our understanding of physics.

    Additionally, there is overwhelming evidence that in the USA (but not many other countries), there has been – and still is, a coverup to conceal the truth.

    We do not know from where these vehicles come or who operates them, but it can be speculated that they are under intelligent guidance.

    Dr Steven Greer, an A&E medical specialist some years ago commenced a Disclosure Project intended to get governments to reveal what they know about these vehicles and their operators. Do a search and you’ll find he has a huge database of evidence.

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