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But what does a box mean to me, a person well over 60? Let me tell you about just one box.

A box can be the best toy to come out of any shop. Just ask a parent or person who works with children and you will be amazed at the number of uses children find for a cardboard box. Close your eyes and remember seeing a child with a box!   Was it a shop, a train, a cubby house? The list would be endless.

Early one morning my faithful dog started barking. When she barks, I listen. Heavy footsteps along my path and up the steps, gasp (that was me), the sound of something being dropped. My dog is desperate to get out the front door. The footsteps go back down the steps and by now I have guessed what has been happening. I open the door, no-one there, just a box, so my dog feel in control again. I call out a thank you to the Courier. I can’t wait to open the box because I know it will contain the plants and bulbs that I have ordered for my garden.

There are tasks I should be doing but surely new plants and bulbs take precedence over them! Hmm nice sized box, I’ll keep that.

One week or so later I went out to check my letterbox. Where is my letter box? It has been stolen. Who would steal an old letter box? All the letter boxes in my neighbours’ front yards are still standing proud. What am I going to do? I don’t really have time to go looking for a new one and perhaps it will turn up like vanished gnomes sometimes do. But what will I do as a temporary measure.

I know! The box. Damp ground or even rain will be a challenge so I put a plastic bucket into the box so that moisture can’t creep up from the ground and damage any mail in ‘the box’, seal up the top and cut a slot big enough for mail and the local paper. Type a notice for the top.

“My letter box has been stolen. This is my temporary effort”.

I put a stake next to it and put cord around the box and the stake. No, of course it wasn’t to prevent someone form stealing my temporary letterbox, it was to stop it from being blown away. It can get very windy this time of year. With rain about I moved it under the shelter of the carport at night and brought it out early each morning.

Yesterday my new letterbox took over the task of securing and protecting my mail and the box has served its purpose. Well not quite; next week it goes out with the papers and cardboard for recycling.


Have you ever had your letterbox stolen or something complete odd and random? What did you do? Tell us below.

Nan Bosler

Nan Bosler has been heavily involved in volunteer community work for almost 60 years holding positions ranging from member to National President in a number of organisations. She has worked with and for people of all age groups and levels of ability, with particular emphasis on the needs of older people and those with a disability. She is a published author and has presented at conferences in both Australia and overseas. She revels in the fact that she is a great grandmother. Nan feels strongly that learning is a lifelong experience. She was over 50 when she first went to University and has five tertiary qualifications. Nan is the foundation president of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association and seeks to empower older people by helping them use modern technology.

  1. Mine started rusting out, and I replaced it, within 12 months the same thing happened again, but I have a friend who made me one out of stainless steel, it a wonderful letter box , it and large and gleaming..it is bolted to the brick front fence

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  2. I’ve had my letterbox vandalised twice. First time someone tried to burn my wooden letterbox with a heap of sparklers, didn’t burn, so it had the lid ripped off about six months later. Second letterbox a few years later was bent right over and snapped off. On third letterbox, fingers crossed.

  3. We have a school bus stop outside our house and frequently find chip packets, lolly wrappers and all sorts of rubbish in our letterbox or just thrown over our fence. Interesting what children eat for breakfast!!

  4. Han’t had one stolen, but had one blown up lol. One New Years eve , obviously kids with nothing better to do

  5. Yes I had my letterbox ripped out of the ground and later it was found by a neighbout in the park around the corner. Just vandals having ‘fun’. Luckily I have good and helpful neighbours, I went to the hardware and bought a new one and my neighbourt cemented it in for me.

  6. I had six really nice solar lights stolen from my front yard – well, it IS open to the street! Four days later they were replaced with four broken, non working ones! And NOT by me! Definitely someone acting a little strangely!

  7. My letter box attracts huntsman spiders and other people’s mail, spiders I just chase out and other people’s mail I deliver or repost, I don’t think the post person can read or cares but it gives me something to do.

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  8. Have had the top ripped off and it was know where in sight.Everybodys in the street was ok,makes you feel like you are being picked on.

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