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What pisses me off


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Usually, Karen from Books at 60 is passionately talking about books.  However, this week when she came into film she had something she wanted to get off her chest.

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  1. It is not going to be about Mrs. Clinton but mr Clinton making history and getting back into the White House at that speech I to watch some of it and all I could see was bill looking like the cat that had got the cream so smug. Hillary has good ideas but will anyone listen and how much influence will bill have on Hillary will he be able to take a back seat time will tell.

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    • I think she may have been the brains behind Bill when he was in power.

  2. I know what Karen from Books means, but I have watched some of the Democratic Convention, and seen the newspapers and things online, and they have all only mentioned Hillary and had photos of her, so I don’t quite agree with her. Maybe she has seen different things to me. I think Hillary herself has been celebrated, and her past achievements talked about, and her speech was terrific. The best speech I thought was Michelle Obama’s. I thought Bill sat there looking very proud of her, not smug at all. So even though I knew what Karen meant, I am not sure I agree with her entirely. Also wouldn’t stoop to criticising her clothes.

  3. Unfortunately Hillary should have ditched Bill years ago! She’s not as strong as we think! I don’t think she’ll have the respect she’ll need!

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    • Hillary will only have Bill as her lap dog, she probably has not forgiven the Lewinski episode but yes it is unfortunate that he is looking like the cat that got the cream but a woman scorned well she will put on a good act but when in America in 1992 we talked to an old guy sitting on a seat in a little known town probably somewhere near where Bill Clinton grew up on our travels and he said then that Hillary was aiming big for the top job. We have waited all these years and thought maybe she was too old now but it is a happening thing.

    • You are so right about Hillary Clinton ditching Bill years ago. Hillary is not a strong woman. A liar, a user, and used Bill to further her ambitions. I have no confidence in Hillary Clinton she has set the path for women back many years when women should be getting compliments for all they do. Where is the Maggie Thather, Benazir Bhutto, Golda Meir, earning the respect of women. Even better The White Mouse Nancy Wake apparently the most feminine of women but when the fighting started she was like five men put together.


    Sorry everyone but I just had to. Unfortunately with the the release of all Hilary’s emails, and after she said there was nothing in them of importance, she has proven to tell porkies on a consistent basis. The Benghazi affair just made things worse. It will be interesting to see what Wikileaks puts out next week, which they claim will see her charged.

    Stay tuned I suppose………

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