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I’m a drain on society – or at least that’s what I keep getting told! It seems my life has come down to what I’m costing the economy.

First of all, I’ve gotten “old” – heaven forbid! So now I’m an “expense”: on welfare; the health system; aged care facilities; the list is endless. It doesn’t seem to matter that I helped build this economy. I was a worker, a mother and a volunteer for over 40 years of my life.

Secondly, I smoke; I drink; I eat. I’ve put on weight and for these “deadly sins”, I am constantly vilified! Sometimes by my peers, but more often than not by those bloody “studies” – the results of which change as often as I change my underwear.

Is it any wonder that, as we age, we become less enamoured of the world we live in and turn in to “crotchety old buggers”? I love this planet we live on – geographically speaking, it’s stunning – but I’m becoming less and less impressed with those that inhabit it. Our lives have become more and more determined by the “almighty dollar” and the overpaid idiots who tell us how to spend it, contribute to it, tax it, and then tell us we are “wasting” it.

Stick your bloody “studies” right up your fundamental orifice!

Admittedly, I’ve digressed. I was spurred to start writing this blog as a result of another pointed article at my shortcomings as a human being – I’m overweight, consequently a drain on society because of the potential health impact, and it’s all my fault!

So now I’m going to light another cigarette, pour myself a glass of wine and eat some cheese and pate – my monthly treat!

Do you sympathise with Susan’s story? Have you ever been made to feel like a burden?




Susan Leighton

  1. at least were a part of Society more than i can say for most

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    • We all grew up and got jobs. Not like today where a lot of younger ones just leave school on the dole and that’s where they stay.
      I started work at 15 at 66 still work part time, had a few years off to have kids. I’ve contributed.

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      • I agree Anne. Also started work at age 15 and still working 50 years later. I paid my taxes and also contributed with National Service. Stuff them I say.

  2. We are not a drain on society. We have worked, paid our taxes, haven’t claimed “the dole” which is so easy to get nowadays, wasn’t any many years ago, only food stamps. We have earned our pension. Worked for 50 years and paid 50 years income tax, never was on unemployment benefits.

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  3. I think you pretty much covered our roll in society, however you did forget that we also gave birth to some of the idiots who are now calling us a burden on society, they need to have more respect for us because the one thing they have overlooked is the fact that one day they will be our age and their going to be asking themselves WHY are they being treated so poorly, and it will happen and they can place the blame squarely on their own shoulders for the example they have set the younger generations.

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  4. I read these studies too and wonder to myself if the author is going to feel the same way when they get to the “Burden on Society Age”. We all suffer life’s incurable disease “OLD AGE”. They all have it and are going to get here one day…..see how the smug pricks feel about it then.

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    • So agree Stuart and all you great oldies . Hugs to you all .

  5. i keep getting told im a drain on my kids so much 4 bringing them up alone wish i hadnt bothered

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  6. To all the overweight people out there who feel guilty for the way they are, it is about time we start blaming our government for the toxic environment they help create around us. The small town of nowra now has 5 junk food outlets and is about to get 2 more. If I compare it to the same size town in France where I grew up, it got its first McDonald last year. Overweight people are constantly blamed for making the wrong choices…. Where are the healthy choice in nowra.? It is the government s job to control the growing numbers of those corporations who multiply all over our country… The local milk bar was far better for all of us, they bought their bread at the local baker, their meat from the butcher, the money stayed in town and we knew what we were eating… Most of them have been put out of business. Now we can’t drive in or out of town without being advertised to by those foreign companies selling junk.It is much easier to blame and regulate people than regulating the food industry. The government should regulate how much sugar is added to everything to hook people, advertising to children should be banned , and there should be a quota limiting the amount of junk food outlet there is for a given population.

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    • We can’t blame anyone but ourselves if we eat junk food. People do not have to walk in and pay for it. Their business is booming because the population chooses to go there.
      I’m proud to say I haven’t been to one in over 10 years. I cook at home much cheaper and tastier.

    • What has the government got to do with an individual’s food intake, or the type of food they eat. Obesity is caused by stuffing to much food down your throat, or a medical condition.

    • Maryvonne Norman. Sorry, but no. No government official or parliamentarian clothes we choose to wear. feeds us. What we put in our mouths is purely a personal decision. Blaming the government for being overweight is about as sensible as blaming them for the a bad dress sense.

    • Sorry but doesn’t Nowra have any fruit and veg shops. Everyone has choices as to what they eat and when people realise cooking fresh at home is healthier than too much takeaway the sooner our obesity population will reduce.

    • I might add that if you are as concerned as you sound regarding the fast food outlets get a lobby group started and do some protesting. There are a few communities which did this and were able to prevent a Maccas being built and in another area, a Woolies supermarket. DO something rather than sit back and blame the government.

    • Fruit and veggie shops? Coles and woollies…. But then you have to drive into town, park and negotiate isles full of junk..lots of money is spent on advertising, because it DOES influence people behaviour and bring people in…go and have a look at countries who have different rules, and see the difference in their population waist lines ! Of course we have choices, but when more psychologist are employed by advertising companies to influence your choice, it is not fair game… I cook at home and don’t eat crap, but then again, but I don’t blame people who have been sucked in by a system who does not have their interest at heart.

    • What we eat is our own choice. What we feed our children/grandchildren is our own choice. For many people (not all) it is easier to buy junk food than shop, prepare food and clear up afterwards.

    • People my son informed me last night that he has stopped eating lite and easy meals because he just discovered there is at least 1,000 mills of salt in each meal, so it really doesn’t matter what we do there doesn’t seem to be any sort of control on food or food additives in this country, so I most certainly do put the blame on the government, they make children who are so very sick wait for medication if the parents can’t afford it, they give pensioners a terrible time, they bring in refugees and treat them like royalty, and they regulate us right up the gazoo but allow our food industry a raging gallop, in my home town there are so many take outs fast food places that you could dine out on something different every night, and you know what? It tastes like the poverbial, so I stick to fresh as and when I can because I no longer trust our illustrious food industry or our government

    • Personal responsibility kicks in here!! Stop blaming everyone else for your eating, gambling, drinking and living beyond your means issues. We can all make choices but it’s the choices we make that defines us.

  7. I am even being told i cant live in the shire i am in. I have offended the locals by wanting a fair go. this attitude starts with local council and gets worse as the politicians get stronger positions.

  8. Many cultures value elders for their wisdom, not ‘book learning’, but that which comes from life experience. Unfortunately, we have been brainwashed by corporations into valuing only youth. Why? Because youth, always in a hurry, is quicker to buy new stuff, less likely to repair and refurbish the old. So a more valuable consumer.

  9. The desciples of the the modern God “the economy ” and who quote from the pages of greed might have forgotten that time is marching on for them as well .perhaps when their time arrives there will be no retirement but work until death ” it’s either you or the economy”

  10. Oh for Gods sake then why don’t you give us a little white pill to put us out of the so called drain on society or would you make us pay for that too, just you all remember your turn is coming, and I am proud to be my age to have done my bit to make things better for all of you.

  11. drug addicts and no hopers are a drain on society, never worked most of them, collecting gov money and thumbing their nose up at us oldies.

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    • I have only realised after hearing at a conference what addicts receive , Muslim polygamy, de facto relationships, TOO choosy about a job,

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