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To be frank, no one gets their arse kicked anymore…well a part from me by the missus that is…there’s always plenty of that.


And I don’t mean by people hanging shit on you through Facebook or twitter either.  Some stranger putting a photo of you doing/saying something stupid and a having a few to a few thousand people rag on you doesn’t count.  Typically that stuff is done for a cheap laugh rather than having any real effect.


I’m talking about about a good ol’ fashion arse whopping.  A dressing down where you’re left knowing in no uncertain terms that you’ve missed the boat, dropped the ball, let the team down, failed epically, farked up.


You’ve screwed up more than a plasterboard contractor installing ceilings.


In this world of political correctness gone mad, everyone’s too busy getting lovey dovey with each other to worry about going tribal.  People are let off the hook far too easily without understanding that it is really NOT ok.


Sometimes close enough is not good enough and the world has lost it’s ability to loose its shit.


Whether it be schoolyard bullies, judges who slap the hand of violent criminals, workplace slackers, dole bludgers, politicians who are not held accountable for blatant waste, parents who abuse their kids, kids who have mo manners and respect for society.  Too many shoulder-shruggers get off scott free and it’s making us worse as a society.  It’s making us lazy. And it’s making us think that whatever we do will be acceptable without real consequence.


Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 10.32.35 PM


I’m not saying that we have to bring back the table thumping, verbal spraying, boardroom tyrant, but is it so wrong to give it, criticism, straight up?

We’re turning into a country of pussyfoots who tip-toe around the real issue.   We walk on eggshells because we don’t want to upset anyone.  Good god, what would we do if someone shed tears outside of a funeral?


In the good old days, we knew we ballsed up. You could feel the heat on the back of your neck. You were brought to account. You were expected to stand by the quality of your work and if it was shite, you fell. You fixed it, you apologized and you worked your arse off to make amends. The fear of failure drove people to work and play hard.


Maybe it stems from the way we raise our kids nowadays. Like how there’s no scoring in junior sport.  Like how every kids who runs in the hundred metres gets a ribbon.  Nobody wins, no body loses.  Maybe nobody really knows what’s expected, so nobody gives a toss.


I think we should though, so let’s do each other a favour and start wearing our steel capped boots so that we will all know it when that swift kick up the arse comes.


Tobe Frank

Tobe Frank is a recently retired 62 year old gentleman with many views. He has grand ambitions for his retirement he just isn't sure what they are yet and is constantly looking around to find them. Tobe shares his views on Starts at Sixty regularly as one of our columnists.

  1. Yes agree To be Frank, we can’t all be winners, or how do we judge a good job, an outstanding painting, in fact anything we do in life.
    Time for reality to hit, and make an aimpact. Or those precious little creatures will think they don’t even have to try to get results, which is not the message we should be giving out. Oh dear have become that grumpy old woman I don’t like, but the trouble is know we are right. power to the grumpies. Well said Frank.

  2. My son-in-law ticked off two kids (not his) last Sunday when they threw rubbish into Sydney Harbour. They were gobsmacked!

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