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Everyone’s pet has their own little mannerisms and honestly, some are just strange. But you love them anyway! Here are 13 pet friendly facts about my own crazy animal friends and some very rich celebrity pets.


1 . We had a psychotic Parakeet called Percy who liked a lick of whisky every now and then, he also liked being showered with a spray bottle and being dried with a hair dryer. He nearly died of fright though at the sight of my son in a Halloween mask. The shrill cry as he fell off the perch stayed with us for a long time.  Percy had to go to a bird reserve as the noise he made all day could be heard a mile away. He hated my daughter and she hated him, he could position himself in such a way that if she sat beneath his cage on the room divider, he could direct a ‘little present’ into her lap. His timing and aim was perfect. When we let him out to fly around he ate most of the curtain rail.

2.  We own a deranged cat called Smokey who is now becoming more demented. He has slept in some weird places and changes his abode every week or so, he has tried the wardrobe, the mat in the toilet, a duster box under the sink, a towel pile in the bathroom, and a clean litter tray which he curled up in for hours.

3. We had a dog called Bruce when I was a kid, who liked to eat greengages off the trees, and used to go on a week’s ‘honeymoon’, only coming home when he had made sure all the farm dogs in the area had his puppies. He also knew when the vegetable man delivered and would sit and wait for his regular sweet treat, he knew the day, and was there ready by the gate.

4. Mum owned two tame hens once, called Clara Cluck and Clara Bow, they came into the kitchen to lay eggs in a paper box under the sink.

5. Missy our completely ruined cat would only drink water from a glass, a special heavy crystal one at that! She has now decided she can use a bowl, but is still a demanding Diva, if I attempt to work she sits on the mouse to prevent me, she sleeps under the top cover on our bed, or on my husband’s chest. I think she has the upper hand, we are the slaves.



6.  Nora Hardwell was rich; When she died her two Collie cross dogs Tina and Kate inherited a house and 5 acres of land, she left them 700,000 dollars to care for the house and land. Their house needed to be kept clean she stipulated.

7. President Obama’s dog has had an official portrait painted.  Bo’s favourite food is Tomatoes.

8. Gunther a German Shepherd is worth 140 million, left to him by his owner. He doesn’t play the stock market.

9. Paris Hilton’s dog Tinkerbell wears Chanel sweaters, and Louis Vuiton puppy slippers.

10. ‘Trouble’ an Heiress’s Maltese terrier has 8,000 a year for dog grooming, her own body guard, and the dog maids spend 1,200 on her food.

11. George Clooney had a pet pig, it weighed 300lbs, and died in 2006, it was a long relationship, in fact the longest George has had –lasting 18 years, the pig slept in his bed sometimes.

12.  A cat called Tommasina, who had been a stray, inherited 15.6.million when Maria Assanta died. Tommasina only likes milk and biscuits, so won’t make a dent in the money.

13. The cat who was most trouble and yet the longest lived for us was Roger.  He had more than nine lives.  Once he got trapped under the floor of a new house being built, we went out looking for him not knowing that he had in fact been bricked in. Ten days later a builder heard a faint sound, by then we had been calling and crying and were convinced he was dead.  We found out about the sound and I went to the house, The builder said he could take up one floorboard but had to be quick as people were moving in that day. I tapped and crawled and cried some more as Roger refused to play ball. The builders were highly amused at my antics, and me calling ‘puss,’ ‘puss!’ At last I coaxed him out.  He was thin, but some rainwater seepage had kept him alive. He did almost the same thing a few weeks later, we found him in a house ready for occupancy they had just put the windows in. it was a long weekend, and the builders were all on holiday, desperate, we did a commando raid. As I kept watch, my husband rolled the damp putty from the window, took it out and got the cat. He then replaced it all as before.  Roger went on to live a long life. He moved with us three times, and had more adventures. Pets colour our lives, rule our lives sometimes, and provide unconditional love.

Jacqui Lee

Jacqui Lee is 75 and now retired but the last ten years or so have been some of her busiest. She worked at a hospital, where she took several Certificated courses, she cleaned a school, helped to run two conventions, wrote short stories, started painting, and in fact is never bored even now, "I honestly feel we are lucky to still be upright and breathing, and my motto is, Remember yesterday, dream of tomorrow, but live today. I love fun, clothes, food and friends."

  1. Don’t forget ‘Grotty’, the dog pictured in this article. He was very much a ‘one man’ dog, (me, thank goodness), and one of his favorite tricks was to let ANYONE into the house, and then he wouldn’t let them out again, unless I said so. He just sat in front of these people, looking fixedly at them but not doing anything unless they tried to get up. Then he’d growl menacingly and stand up himself. No-one had the courage to do anything but sit down again, which he’d then also do. Very funny – for US!!

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