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There seems to be little attempt by the fashion industry to introduce fashionable fabrics to the overweight ladies….or am I just having difficulty finding anything decent, or looking in the wrong place? You have worked your way into your 60s and age has started to show in your facial features. You have been slowly creeping up in kilos and are feeling a little uncomfortable in your current set of clothes. So you go down to the local large shopping centre thinking you will buy a lovely new wardrobe to pep up your spirits and get you back into that inspirational mood.

As you walk into the store you notice some really nice fashionable clothes, tailor made in some stunning colours and patterns. You look at the sizes and they only range from 8 to 16. You start to visit numerous shops and most of them only cater for the young and skinny. So you hunt around for a shop that offers larger sizes looking for a size 18 or over, and find there are some very frumpy clothes in awful colours. In fact clothes for older people have been described as “polyester landfill” and “cheap muck” by leading fashion designer, Jenny Bannister. Jenny added “I can’t stand all the crap they make, all that daggy, drapey, badly-sewn stuff which has a formaldehyde smell”. 

I always felt there were colours and styles for the elderly and colours and styles for the young. But at 60 I do not consider myself ready to go into an old flowery dress patterns and pale clothes that show my gains in weight. I find there are very very different products offering for the fatter population most of which lack any style or hope. The clothes on average that I am finding are frumpy, dark, uninteresting, and lacking any style or character. I generally go home more depressed than I was when I went out.

I find when I go to America I can find lots of very nice fashionable clothes in Size 20 and over, and I tend to bring a lot of outfits home to Australia. I would go to a little shop in North Carolina and buy myself a wardrobe of lovely clothes to wear for the next season.

So please add your comments here ladies. Have you found any shops that cater for larger ladies that want to wear fashionable clothes in stunning colours?

Gillian Johnston

Gillian Johnston is a mother, grandmother, writer and hard worker based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Born in 1951, she's a proud member of the baby boomer generation. Gill has set up a website about the difficulties that arise over 60 years of age.

  1. check out Zulily and Tulia for some great clothes !

  2. I have found the following. Try ts brand great, if in qld have a warehouse at Browns plains: also, come September, ezibuy in their Sara and grace hill plus sizes. Like you I got fed up with no decent clothes and had to find options. Now I am happy. Local op shops sometimes have decent stuff, as does autograph and Beme.

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    • I use to buy Sara from Ezybuy but have not been too keen lately, try to buy when sales are on but usually am not quick enough

  3. We would love you to visit our online boutique, we specialize in stocking Australian owned brands for the curvy mature shopper..

  4. In Vic we have My Size, Maggie T, City Chic, BeMe, Autograph. Myer have a very good range in their plus size Dept.
    For cheaper options, Target have Moda, Kmart have plus sizes, as do Big W.
    I am in my ’70’s and like bright fashionable clothing, love leggings with a tunic top, even bigger ladies look good with a nice flowy tunic over leggings, and soooo comfortable.

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    • I agree, most of those have at least a few brighter designs in good colours. Bought a lime green shirt in Beme and also some beautiful white cargo pants in the summer. Have to juggle money so go for sale time, and find some in Target larger range, but still al lot of the drapey dull stuff too. Why do they think we want to look like a dirty curtain? I want something that cheers me not depresses.

  5. my size,a beautiful selection for larger ladies,also there shop assistants are larger so you feel comfortable,they do a line called emme which is a little bit more formal but they have accessiories to complement… not hesitate go to my size!!!!!!!

  6. A lot depends on your budget restraints but there is a reasonable range of retailers. Like others I find Autograph and Be Me good and sometimes Millers. They have a good range of sizes but they are into bling.

  7. i agree big ladies and i am one .we like the same as skinny woman,not daggy blue and dark .tops that come down to your knees .yes we have special shops for bigger ladies but they cost a lot of money .why should we have to pay so much .you dont mind paying a little xtra but some are just plain robbery .and the quality is not that good .

  8. Dale and Waters in WA have lovely modern clothes for larger ladies. You can order online , phone or mail.

  9. I actually found the opposite when in America can never find anything whilst in Australia have very little problem Bev gave a great rundown of all the great stores in Aus and I’m in a coastal area with the same stores.
    I also love colour and am able to get it at these stores. Maybe it is more difficult with the really high end stores. Another good store is Black Pepper.

  10. I have given up trying to find clothes that I like in Australia and buy everything from America – half the price and much better quality to say nothing of better designs and wider choice –

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