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There are a lot of rabid Labor supporters writing their indescribable criticisms of Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party these days, especially in the so-called ‘social-media’ like Facebook. Then there are a lot of rabid Liberal supporters writing their indescribable criticisms of Bill Shorten and the Labor Party these days, especially in the so called-called ‘social media’ like Facebook! In other words, there are a lot of people who have nothing better to do than throw insults at the supporters and members of the party they don’t support themselves, and I think that is one of the great sadnesses of the society we live in today, there is very little constructive comment made.

Of course Liberal supporters will be thinking that Labor is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the union movement and naturally, any devout Socialist is quite convinced that the Liberals are in the pockets of big business. I quite understand that, though I think both statements are wildly inaccurate and simplistic – the trouble today is that no one seems to have any thought for the good both parties do for the community. If the above statements were true, then Labor would have little chance of coming into power, with only about thirty percent of the workforce actually being unionists, and the same applies to the Liberal Party, they need much more support than that they undoubtedly get from business. So in both cases, they have to offer much more, in order to win over the majority of the populace and take their place in government.

And this is when the differences between the two major parties shrivel and die, because they both have to offer more or less identical baits in order to win over the rest of us, with the eventual winner being the party with the better public relations team. During the lead-up to an election they will both be offering us better schools, more teachers and exciting curricula, they will promise the same incentives for the health sector, more hospitals, doctors and nurses and shorter waiting times for surgery, and at the present time they will both be going to do something about global warming and the reduction in carbon (they actually mean carbon dioxide, but they’ve made us accustomed to just carbon!). They will both promise lower taxes, higher pensions, time off to have babies, and the introduction of such things as the Nation Broadband Network

But once in power, the majority of these promises will be quietly shelved or, if we are lucky, they will be progressed, but at such a slow rate that they cost as little as possible and are often out of date once eventually completed! The two parties are much more interested in standing up in Parliament hurling insults at each other than they are in actually running the country, for the benefit of everyone! The major point they conveniently forget is that they are supposed to be there, not to govern us, but to serve us – they even make an oath to that effect when they join that fantastic club, the club we would all like to be members of, if only for the wonderful perks they have engineered for themselves!

So, it seems to boil down to this, the rabid supporters, (of either party), mentioned at the start of this blog could quite easily swap sides for the difference their views would make. The simple fact is, there is actually very little difference between both parties today, and they both have to tackle the same global problems, in similar ways. If only they would get on with it, instead wasting all their time, and our taxes, shouting at each other and acting like spoilt children.


Do you agree with Brian? Who do you vote for and why?

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Brian Lee

  1. It is surprising to see the venom some people have towards human beings following a different political party.

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    • Watched Question Time? PM certainly wouldn’t be a role model for my children! Both as governing and opposition!

  2. While I was grateful in my working years to have union support, The Unions gave Australians the best practice working conditions we have today. I do not vote ALP because of the Unions or for the Unions. I vote ALP because they are for ordinary Australians . The Liberal Party has always been for Business and the top end of town. As for the insults, well I have called just about everything you can think of in here, these same people would not have the backbone in real life to say it to my face or your face or anyone’s face.

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    • Yes agreed interesting when you look back at when Howard got in businesses started to develop his strategy of “this is how it will be done and no apology for it” businesses started to loose respect because if this. I’m not in the workforce anymore and wonder if they are taking in the same strategy as Abbott with his lies. I vote labor because they do look after the lower end. I’m not much of a Shorten fan but I think his strategy of allowing Abbott to hangs himself has worked wonders. Abbott just keeps on and on with his stabbing and lies it’s one reason why I can’t watch him or his goons its embarrassing

    • Yes I remember working back then and dealing with the Howard approach of management I got to a point that I’d say Howard may get away with it because he doesn’t have to listen to the people but your not Howard and I don’t buy into bullies. After he got voted out ( great party was thrown) I’d say look at what happened to Howard it’s going to happen to you. Needless to say my boss didn’t like me much but I got my point across.

    • Bea Little you can’t make the poor man rich and the rich man poor and if you make them all equal that’s socialism and even that is full of corruption and has collapsed…labor / liberal whatever????

    • Gerry Gageldonk Saying “You can’t make the poor man rich and the rich man poor ” is the wrong way to view this. In reality, Liberals make the poor man poorer and the rich man richer. That is pure Capitalism! We used to have a reasonable mix of Capitalism and Socialism but this lot have excelled in pulling the rug out from under the greater percentage of our population in the guise of a budget calamity. However there is plenty of budget money to pay for subsidies for the big polluters, bombs, billion dollar aircraft etc. (and apparently enough left over for tax cuts for the wealthy)

    • Without the Rich the Poor will become even Poorer ,Just look at the Poor countries ? They would love to have Rich People among them !

    • ‘Without the rich the poor will become even poorer.’ Like India or Indonesia or China? Plenty of wealth in those countries, but their poor aren’t any better off Sandy West. Hollow argument.

    • Sandy West Tell the homeless people in the most capitalistic country in the world, the USA that they can become any poorer than they are. An enormous percentage of the worlds billionaires live in the USA and their underlings are treated appallingly. That is what Tony Abbott wants for us here. So much so, that Chinese workers can come here unimpeded by little things like, there are 800,000 Australians out of work here already.

  3. if anyone wants to call me names, go right ahead but you will get back as good if not better than you give and then I will block you

  4. I hope Brian is an old £10 Pom. If he is he will know and see where it all began to slide down hill. In 1966 Robert Menzies lost office; almost twenty years left the coalition parties believing they had a right to rule. So much so that Reg Withers (father of the 7 eleven owner) devised a plan to block supply to Gough Whitlam’s government. Resulting in an animosity between the parties that has deteriorated in nasty snide comments that have spread to the party faithful. We need good honest people in parliament not those only interested in lining their pockets. At this stage in Australia party politics is corrupted to the core of both parties

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    • Robert – Menzies did not lose power in 1966 – he voluntarily resigned, having been PM since 1949 and, before that, from 1939 – 1941. In fact, Menzies is the only PM since World War 11 to leave at a time of his own choosing – three Liberal PM’s followed him (Holt, drowned), Gorton (overthrown by his own Liberal Party) and McMahon (defeated in 1972)

  5. Agree with this article totally. Political discussion has descended into the realms of abuse and mud-slinging – there’s no enjoyable intelligent or constructive debate to be had anywhere. Also agree that there is very little difference between the parties and, legislation seems to get blocked simply for the sake of blocking, not because there are reasonable grounds for opposition or a better option to be considered. The whole system has been made into a farce by this latest generation of self-serving career guarding politicians

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  6. Have any of you ever listened to Parliament? they are the biggest name callers of all

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    • Yes Every day, and I thought B Bishop was problem, worse now, just a constant , so & so warned, again & again, Those on the right are warned. One day he may be game to send one out EARLY and we may get a few questions answered

  7. I was taught never to discuss politics or religion. People seem to be more vitriolic these days & less willing to listen to a different point of view…..about anything. We’re not as civilized as we think.

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    • The internet has changed all of that now, there are open discussions everywhere all over the net and have noticed that my everday life people are freely discussing Politics now

    • …and opinions posted public on social media may come back to bite you when/if you are applying for a job. Believe me, everything you post is out there for all to see FOREVER!

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