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Come on girls, we all know it – our hair is our crowning glory. We have good hair days and bad hair days. On good hair days, we let it all hang out. But on bad hair days, we try to hide it under a hat.

I love long hair: hair I can pull up into an interesting knot on the top of my head; a few wispy bits falling around my face look good too; as do long blond locks that you can tie back into a pony tail or even plait. You can wear a peaked hat over any style and it looks great.

I’d been growing my hair for over a year. It came right down over my shoulders and down my back. No matter how often I had it trimmed, it never seemed to sit the way I wanted it. And If ever I did manage to pull it up into an interesting knot, you could forget about the wispy bits falling cutely around my face, because within seconds the whole lot would let loose.

Kate with Long Hair

No matter how I treated it or what I used. My hair never sat still. It frizzed up, it frizzed down. It even frizzed way out. Neither a blow drier nor a straightening iron did the trick. My hair always has a mind of its own.

And then there are the knots. A bit of wind and my hair is like a bird’s nest – the longer the hair, the bigger the nest. Trying to remove the knots is a massive task. When I pulled and yanked, not only would the knots give way, but also massive tusks of hair.

One day it all became too much and I decided to go shorter – but not quite as short as it turned out.

“Now I want a shorter bob, but not too short”, I explained to the hairdresser. But I don’t want it cut too sharply up the back of my neck”. I then showed him a photo of how I would like to look, or should I say how I would like my hair to look.

He proceeded to cut my hair at the back.

“Good God!”, I thought. “He’s cutting that a bit short”. It seemed up above my ears. “But I’m sure he knows what he’s doing”. The sides he left long.

Finally the cut was finished and he danced all around the salon proclaiming how wonderful and stylish my hair was. “It’s just sooo modern”, he exclaims at his incredible talent. “And just suits you sooo much”. And then he showed me every obtuse and hideous angle.

Kate with Short Hair

I gasp in horror and before I realised I had said “I don’t like it”. I was on the verge of tears. I do believe he was too. “How can you not like it?”, he exclaimed in disbelief.

“Maybe if we cut the sides shorter so that they are more in line with the back?”, I tried to smooth things over.

“Oh well! If we must”, was the curt response.

The sides became shorter and shorter. “Now that’s better”, I continue. “Now instead of the fringe being straight across how about we blend it into the side bits?”.

And somehow in this process, my hair became exceptionally short. I realised that if we continued down this path, I would end up with very little hair at all.

“It’s much better”, I said. “Thank you very much for your time and your patience”.

I paid the bill and hurriedly left the salon.

And that’s the story of how I came to have very short hair. And would you believe I loved it!


Have you had a big haircut like this? What happened? And did you like it? Tell us below.

Kate Giles

Kate Giles is a 60 plus retired health care worker. Although having lost over 90% of her vision to a genetic eye disease, she remains an active member of the community. Kate is also a regular columnist on a Government website. Neither age nor disability has limited Kate’s sense of adventure. Each year along with her husband Denis, they head off on a self- designed holiday experience that would envy most 30 year olds. With three kids and six grandkids and loads of experience in the real world, Kate is never short of a topic to write about.

  1. i just turned 60 this week but still have not shortened my hair i like it how it is but the day will come

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    • Yes it’s time

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      • Mind your own flippin business .I don’t go to hairdressers because of people like you, my hubby and some of my family love my hair and tell me never to cut which I don’t plan to do any time soon by the way im 61 I do as I please with my hair no hairdresser is going to tell me im too old as I am my own boss and I listen to no go tell someone who doesn’t mind being bullied.

      • would you listen to someone telling you how to wear your hair just because you were over a certain age NO so MYOB

  2. I turned 60 last Sunday and I love short hair. Always have and at the moment it is very short. It’s very hard to get a hairdresser to listen to you and do what you want but I’ve finally found one.

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    • I agree, I explain what I want and once they get scissors in their hands that’s it goodbye to what I want! Once the cut was so bad I sat in the car and cried for half an hour it looked terrible it looked like a mans cut

    • I wear very short hair always found it hard to find a really good hairdresser for very short hair, I’d find one then they would move on & I’d have to find another,ect,ect,now my hairdresser Grandaughter has moved to Melb,YEH!

  3. I have my daughter cut my hair. Its very short. And at least i can argue about how she cuts it. She is a hairdresser and still tries to tell me how to have it. Lol.

  4. I am hairdresser started in 1961 and am still working in my own Salon. Regards long hair on 60+ ladies it very rally looks good and as for hair hanging down ones back looks even worse, you can’t see hair past the shoulder so why wear it longer…OK except to please the Hubby…”you looked so lovely when we met why don’t you grow your hair” Eh!!!!…. anyway the style the stylist gave Kate may have been great and modern but didn’t suit her, hairdressers sometimes just do the latest instead of looking at the age and features of a person.
    If you are someone who has long hair and wear it pulled into a pony tail then a short soft cut is going to suit you, it will never be as hard as all your hair pulled off the face…think about it…so glad Kate kept the stylist cutting until she got the short soft look that would have suited her.

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    • another hairdresser that can’t mind their own flippin business you should do it the way the customer asks for they are paying a ridiculous price for it

    • can’t see it past the shoulder haven’t ever heard of a side braid over the shoulder you need a bit more education u are are still living in the 60s

  5. I have taken to very, very short hair and I love it. So cool, comfortable and easy to manage in my busy life. Can still make it look stylish with little effort and time

  6. similar to mine. I’ve always had short hair & when I find a good one I keep going. we have a good one who comes to our estate.

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