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Before I start, I want to emphasise that this article in no way means to deny the Bible stories we all know so well. This is simply an alternative idea, written by me on a whim and to get it out of my system!

Religion plays a large part in many people’s lives and although I am not religious myself, I am quite happy to respect that need in others. I do sometimes though, think about the foundations upon which Christianity is built and I find it interesting to play around with the well-known stories.

For a start there’s the problem of virgin birth, something which logic tells me is just not possible, especially with our modern knowledge of how the human body is made up and its requirements, regarding the completion of strings of DNA, genes and all the other paraphernalia of life.

Then there are His miracles, the reports of which I understand were written long after His death. Could these have been written, based on some facts, but largely invented by those who were developing their new religion as, possibly, was the story of the virgin birth? I do believe that Jesus was seen as a prophet, a man with an astute mind, almost a politician, who was a thorn in the side of the Roman occupiers of Israel, events leading to his trial and eventual crucifixion.

Regarding the crucifixion itself, my thoughts lead me to the possible fact that he didn’t actually die on the cross at all, but with the agony of the nailing, the distortion of his body due to hanging on the cross and the lack of any real care being afforded him, he gradually sank into a deep coma, during which time both his heartbeat and his breathing would have sunk almost to zero. There’s nothing strange about this, it has happened to countless people in the past and can even happen today, with all the wonderful checking equipment at our disposal. Death can be very hard to determine sometimes even when someone is lying in a hospital bed in a modern hospital, let alone hanging on a cross, in a primitive world with no scientific equipment to assist judgement. In this comatose state, it is unlikely that the poor man would even react to a sword being thrust into his side and on that basis it isn’t surprising that the Roman soldier was prepared to declare him dead.

He was then taken by his friends, to what was most likely the ideal environment for him to recover, a stone mausoleum, filled with cool, damp air, and as quiet as a grave! So that after about three days he gradually recovered consciousness, was able to get up, realising where he was. And he called out at the stone covered door, hoping there was someone outside to hear him. I’m guessing that some of his friends were standing guard out there, as a mark of respect and they heard his cries.

To them of course, this really was an example of resurrection, a magic moment where a dead person actually came back to life and I suppose, this would be the moment when Christianity was born. Joyfully, the disciples began broadcasting the wonderful story that something truly wonderful had happened, so that it wasn’t many days before the Romans began to hear stories of the resurrection. The disciples, realising their mistake, whisked Jesus away, far into the country, saying they had at last seen him ascending to heaven to be with his father, thus avoiding an intense search for him by the authorities, and further perpetrating the mystery of his being.

I would imagine him living out his life somewhere, far from danger, while his friends began spreading the word about the wonderful happenings in Jerusalem, that spring morning.

Could it all have happened along these lines? Maybe or maybe not, but I have tried to take a logical look at the story, as opposed to the faith we all have, just out of interest in an idea, without in any way wishing to cause offence!


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Brian Lee

  1. What about the the islamic bible are you going to have any ideas about that.

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    • Inspired by Satan – nothing about a caring and loving God. All about intolerance and subjugation.

    • Nothing to do with a “bible”…… Plan for violent subjugation of those who disagree….. Makes a great fire-starter though.

    • Why not! hearing, seeing, reading, discussions such as this article all builds on our knowledge,of life and understanding. We all have views and need to air them at times. It doesn’t mean we have to agree or disagree, just discuss and debate and revel in the fact we are all different.

    • So much for all being good christians then just discredit the islamic bible strait away, talk about hypercrits,there are over 400 versions of the bible so go figure. While all you christians are fighting each other over which one is the best I will just enjoy life !

  2. The Washington Post did a very good article on this same theme about Jesus.
    I dont want to discuss a religion where the founder married a six year old girl.

  3. I love the bible stories, the ones about morality, like the Good Samaritan, but I don’t believe in god. It would be good to see them transformed into simple tales of goodness likes Aesop’s Fables, perhaps this is the way they were originally intended? No need to add God.

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    • Wasn’t God the name of that MAN that came down the mountains lays up on Maria and the other woman and than both woman gave birth to and Jesus and John the Baptist. At least that’s watt my bible told me

    • Emile you don’t know what you are talking about! I don’t know what you are talking about. If you are going to comment, at least know what you are writing about. You are right Maria is not the mother of Jesus, Mary is. John the Baptist was born to Mary’s cousin Anne and her husband. Bit different to the fairy tale you were trying to tell us.

  4. Very likely explanation which does not detract in any way from the beliefs of the founding of Christianity.

  5. The bible is full of stories that were just that. Stories written in simple language to help people understand God. Astonishingly people today still believe in the bible as it was written.

    Adam and Eve for example. That always makes me wonder why people don’t think it through.

    If Adam and Eve were real. If they gave birth to two sons, Kane and Able. Then how did the rest of us get here. That must have one mighty incestous family.

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    • I worked that story out when I was 11years old and when I queried it at Sunday School I was told sit down and not say anything just listen…..well having a mind of my own I realised what a load of rubbish I was being fed …..never went back to church again ……a very happy content, non believer ……

    • How shallow your thinking is, is everyone who has had the experience of faith in Christ Jesus stupid?
      You easily through away the spiritual experience of billions of souls over the 2000 or more years since his his death.
      Perhaps one day before its too late it will dawn on you they all can’t be wrong?

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      • There came a time when hundreds of thousands of peope who believed the world was flat understood they perhaps they were wrong!

    • Even if you trace the human lineage back to its beginning there must have been a level of incest, that is how the recessive genes that led to modern humans became dominant, how about we all stick to our beliefs and allow others theirs especially at this time of year, the most holly in the Christian calendar.

    • Did it ever occur to you that evolution as we understand it so far is quite plausible. The only thing that requires “faith”
      Is to understand that something….. God or similar energy…. Created the universe in the first place.
      As for Jesus….. An example of what we are all capable of. I’m sure he’d be ticked at the blind foolishness of some.

    • I love the unbridled belief…the self delusion …the idiocy of believing in something in the sky dictating what happens on earth…talk about shallow thinking…Holy schmoly…wake up and worry about the now not what will happen when you fall off the perch. (Death) and decay…..lolololol..

    • If you know your bible, you will first of all realise that there are very few mentions of daughters. So they only had two sons? No daughters? Can’t quite believe that one for a start. Then if you read the story carefully about the fight between the brothers, Cain was punished by being thrown out of the ‘garden of Eden’ however, he didn’t want to go, because of THE PEOPLE on the OUTSIDE! Ha, so there were people!

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  6. I am an atheist but I have read the bible and I enjoy some of the stories, the other night I watched a documentary on the killing of Jesus and believe or not in God..what they did to him was a horrific thing. It really sickened me

  7. Fascinating aspect, a lot of these religious beliefs pre date Jesus, they have just been put into his story.

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    • The Old Testament has been taken from the Jewish book, so wasn’t Christian. Most of these books have been translated so many times the context is warped, they are more like a fairy tale than the truth.

    • The dates around so many Christian festivals are the same dates as pagan festivals, it seems one replaced the other.

  8. It is sad that people still want to heed these antiquated stories. We need to move on without religion.

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    • I am so sorry that’s how you feel, without my faith I could not have a reason for anything. You have your opinion but please do not try to tell us that what we believe is wrong, antiquated stories you say, sorry more like the truth

    • Sorry, religion is a crutch which I know some people need, apparently. Your god hasn’t saved children from the pain of cancer, or the horrific things done to them over the years by so called religious men, & their hierarchy, who, I might add, have just sent them to another parish, to do it all again.

    • The last thing I would say about my faith is that it is a crutch. You people say antiquated stories?. We think there is much evidence that it is the Truth. Your evidence that it isn’t is? God is there for us! He doesn’t control what we or others do. He has given us the will to know right from wrong. The people who have done evil things, it is not done by the Religion, Christianity teaches people to love one another and respect each other. The perpetrators are just that, Evil! They have made up their minds to do wrong! Going against what their religion teaches. What Jesus taught us!

    • The Roman religious sect of Mithras is very similar to Jesus. Roman Saturnalia same time as Christmas. Easter same time as pagan festival. Many Christian events, festivals correspond with pagan events, festivals. Coincidence? Or just early Christian leaders incorporating their festivals with pagan events like the Romans did with the gods of conquered civilisations and their gods

    • Very well said Deborah Harris. As soon as they say that god talks to them you know that they are smoking something. The world is a dark place because of religion.

  9. I guess most people (including me) are Dalmatians.
    The Bible is only true in spots.

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    • Actually I like this reply, since I was a little girl I often questioned the Ministers, Priests, Rabbis and anyone who believed in the writings in the bible, and never ever got a logical answer. Your logic seems very apt to me. I too am a born again Dalmatian

  10. I resonate a lot to what he said. In fact it may be that Jesus did not die and Mary Magdalene and other women helped him to excape from the tomb. If we listened to what Jesus a prophet was teaching was centered around love, peace and sharing. What is wrong with that?

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    • Nothing wrong with it at all… Hope faith charity, care, love, peace, honour, obedience. Man was not born with it. The Romans killed off humanity. Then it was given back but but humans didn’t want it

  11. The Bible is a selection of the stories about Jesus but not the total story. The early church selected those stories that supported its views. I would like to know more of the stories discarded. I suspect many of the currently held ‘truths’ might be different. Jesus appeared to be against the wealth and power of the Temple but it was replaced in time by the equally if not more powerful Catholic Church. I have watched documentaries that explore documented reports from the time that Jesus survived the cross, got married and had family.

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    • It is the other way around. Most things were pretty true in the Bible till the 5th century when the then Pope decided to “review” the bible. So huge chunk the interesting bits were removed like …Re Incarnation, Karma etc Also the battles between the Archangels and that the Archangel Lucifer lost and is punished for 10,000 years and other really good stories like those 🙂

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