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This is the third exhibition of some of the works I’ve produced over the years, this time some of the abstract paintings I’ve produced, mainly because I’ve always wanted to try different techniques and styles, though I’d have to admit, realism is more to my liking. Anyway I did enjoy doing these pieces and I hope you might get a bit of a kick out of them yourselves! Are you ready, then let’s begin…

Vision. I had no particular idea in mind when I painted this one, I just about let the brushes and the colours take care of themselves and it turned out to be quite a satisfying effect, as far as I’m concerned anyway!



Migration. This was an attempt to capture the feeling of vast numbers, moving about the world – it could be birds, it could be people, it could be elephants! My main desire was to trap that sense on motion, on a grand scale.

2. Migration
Exercise in Blue and Red. The title says it all in this effort – I was merely trying to create a pleasing design, using one colour, apart from the counter-point red in the top right corner.



Prisoner of Conscience. There is intended to be a feeling of entanglement in this work, from the various lines crossing it, coupled with the disturbing rich red background The blue dot becomes the prisoner, trapped and in fear!



Forest. In this painting I was endeavouring to get across the feeling one gets when lost in a dense forest, something I’ve experienced personally, so I know there is an emotion that everything about you is crowding you, confusing you, so that you lose all sense of direction. Quite frightening!


City. This painting is really self-explanatory I believe, and is just an abstract design deriving from the aerial view of a non-existent Town.



Travel to Infinity. This is a representation of man’s attempts to conquer space, with all it’s dangers.

7. Travel to Infinity


Renewal, (After the Fires). I was trying to visualise the destruction caused by the Victorian fires of 2009, and the wonderful recovery accomplished by nature, in an amazingly short period of time. The gum leaves at the top right are actual leaves, stuck to the painting.



Structure. This was compiled using some strip of pottery I made, glued onto a sort of architectural background. The main reason for producing it was that I couldn’t think of another use for the pottery!  How intellectual is that?



Confluence. Just a bit of fun with colours and a couple of brushes – no deep meanings or anything like that, just the pleasure of doing it!

10. Confluence


Ocean. Another bit of fun, not much more I can say really, without starting to sound pompous!



Tides Out. And finally, a semis 3D effort, where the ripples in the sand are actually standing proud of the canvas, as are the shells and the ripples in the “sand”. Simply an attempt to produce something a little different, but still pleasing to the eye.

12. Tides Out!


So, there you have it, some examples of all the types of painting I like to produce, (though this sentence will be meaningless to you, if you haven’t seen the previous three examples I’ve published). But, my commercial examples are still to come! For those of you who have seen them this far, I hope you enjoyed them! 

Which one is your favourite? What would you like to have hanging in your house? Tell us in the comments below… 

Brian Lee

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