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Hello sixty somethings. Well as you all know, I have been incapacitated for most of the winter, so to find something to write about to amuse or maybe infuriate you has not been easy. Should I tell you what I think of the way our politicians are making this into a third world country? Maybe not, I don’t think most of you need to be told that. Shall I talk about religion? Maybe not, I was always told never to discuss politics or religion unless you wanted to get into major arguments. Oops, too late, been there done that. So what can I write about today that will keep you amused?

If I talk about the way some kids treat their ageing parents today, I will more than likely incur the wrath of the parents with perfect children. So we won’t say some of these kids, including mine, have no bloody idea. We won’t say that it is not their duty to look after us in old age or hard times, but to show a little compassion and love and concern would not go astray. We won’t say that, because some parents will get upset.

If I talk about how while I waited for a doctor’s appointment in a coffee shop yesterday, the waitress got my order wrong and then was so rude to me that it was embarrassing? If I tell you what happened, I am opening myself up for criticism on expecting too much when I just want good service. So perhaps we will just not talk about the fact that good customer service is hard to find these days.

If I talk about the latest news that Darwin has a shortage of male strippers at the moment, which I think is probably the best news article today, I could be called disgusting or dirty old lady or something similar, so we won’t talk about the image it brings to my mind of these virile young men from all around the country seeing this article and furiously packing to head for Darwin. Mmmmm, my next holiday destination?

As I sit here, I think of the things I have written about. My previous job for instance. I wrote about the goings on in that place once before and though it was all truth, many of you didn’t believe me. A friend who still works there called me this morning and it seems the place is going from bad to worse. People stay because they need a job. The major telecommunication company that keeps this place going put up with it because they pay this call centre less than they pay their own… stingy so and so’s. And people in this country who complain about getting a call centre in another country, will find a reason to abuse operators in their own country anyway, because they are never satisfied. So we better not get me started on that.

There are so many subjects I could write about today, so many topics that would start heated discussions. Many readers just tuning in to disagree with someone or something. In my infinite wisdom, I have decided that now is the time to be like “Seinfeld”and talk about nothing, so I won’t write an article today. I will just wish you all a good day, filled with fun and friends. Find a reason to laugh or at least smile and remember, thing could be worse. I could have written another boring Sixty Something article!

Does this topic frustrate you? What can Fran talk about that won’t launch into a heated debate?

Fran Spears

Born in 1953. Came to Hobart from the north west coast of Tassie to be closer to my son as I have mild chronic bronchitis. Mild and chronic in same sentence – even that makes me laugh. Have just completed and passed my diploma in Public Relations. Love to write and have lead a reasonably interesting life. My motto: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!"

  1. Well that gave me a laugh, you can talk to me about nothing any day of the week Fran haha well done

  2. Thanks for the laugh Fran, life in general is pretty much like that these days your damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

  3. Probably nothing, but I like a good debate as long as there are no raised voices or abuse it can be good to compare opinions.

  4. You are correct! No civil discussion on matters of interest – always blaming the current govt for everything regardless and forgetting that the previous one got the country in such a dismal state.

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