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As a ship’s captain told me last year “our largest repeat business are senior holidays”.

He went on to tell me seniors holidays create a lot of energy once the vessel is underway and love ‘special interest groups’ designed especially for senior holidays that allow people and club members from all round the world to meet that follow the same interest or hobby – no grandchildren allowed!

For first-time cruisers, it’s a new adventure and you are excited. Great! Cruising truly is a relaxing way to enjoy a holiday. However, here are a few tips if you have never been on a cruise before:

  • Start small – book a four or seven day cruise as a start. If you realise it’s not for you, it’s much easier to put up with it for four days rather than 14 days!
  • It floats! Spending time on a magnificent modern liner is like living in a block of floating apartments. As stable and safe as it is, the vessel cannot avoid the constant movement of the ocean. Most times the ship maintains great stability.
  • The amount of ports-of-call will usually depend on the duration of the trip so be prepared. You can be on board for days at a time and you can’t get off so have things arranged to do, although there are activities arranged everyday on board by the staff.
  • Give great thought to your choice of cabin. The cheaper cabins will be interior cabins with little or no windows. Some people don’t mind interior budget cabins as they take the view that the accommodation is only for sleeping. However, if you want a room with a good view, it’ll be great but you will pay substantially more.
  • Purchase ‘sea sickness’ pills. Hopefully you won’t need them but better to be safe than sorry.

Once you have experienced your first cruise, you will probably become ‘hooked’ and want to experience another.

Here’s why:

  • You only unpacked once
  • You stopped at destinations without any fuss and met the ‘locals’
  • You didn’t have to drive to a restaurant!
  • You can’t wait to tell you’re friends it rates as the best Seniors holidays, that you have had

retired couple enjoying cruise vacation


Whatever your generation, there is a cruise holiday for you. Whether you’re 20 or 70 and beyond, even if you’re into special interest cruises and seniors cruises, there’ll be one for you. Cruising has become very popular with the seniors age groups and are one of the biggest repeat vacationers on cruise lines world-wide. As you explore more of what is available, you will soon discover that certain cruise lines cater for various clientele with on-board facilities and hobbies that will be of particular interest to that traveller or group.

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Have you ever gone on a cruise? If not, does this make you want try one? Where would you like to go? Tell us below.

Doug Edwards

  1. Have never been on a cruise and as a single fare it’s too expensive.

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    • Could you find a friend to share with? Some ships have single cabins, but unfortunately they’re mostly out of Europe or USA. It would be great if they had them in Aussie based ships.

    • The cruise to NZ that I have booked for next year is costing me just under $300 per day and that includes the single supplement for an ocean view cabin (not the cheapest option). I don’t think that’s too ridiculous when you consider what a good hotel on land would cost and you would still have to pay for your meals. A cruise is very good value when you consider what it includes.

  2. Many years ago went on THE FAIRSTAR & loved the fact that there was no TV or Radio to disturb us It was like being in our own little country & there was always something else to entertain us I was sorry that it ended & could have stayed on board permantly

  3. Cruising is fabulous. I have been on two with my Brother. The 1st was a Straits of Malacca cruise on Superstar Gemini and the 2nd was last October on Pacific Pearl to Noumea, Lifou, Vila and Santo. NO COOKING OR CLEANING – that’s cruising!! Will go again any chance I get.

  4. Have been on 4 in the last 3 yrs! Absolutely love them!! Have one booked for Sept 2016….flying to Hawaii, spending 4 nights there and an 18 day cruise back. Will be our holiday of a lifetime…..

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    • We r going on Celebrity Soltice….apparently a beautiful ship! An American ship i think. Never been on this line before. Have been on P &O, Princess and Carnival and loved them all. Each line has sonething different to offer ☺☺☺

  5. Don’t be put off if you’re in a wheel chair or use a walking stick. The staff have everything covered. It may limit what you do on shore excursions, but that would happen any way.

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  6. As a single senior I travel solo, and absolutely love cruising. Last year I did 4 (total of 51 days), and in 3 weeks I’ll be sailing on the Royal Princess out of Ft Lauderdale for 21 days. As a solo, if I’m on a road trip, I absolutely hate sitting alone for dinner, but on a cruise, sharing a table with 5 or 7 others is great. Heaps to do, places to see, great food and great choice, and fabulous staff … and you meet even more people in the smoking areas.

  7. At the moment, Pam, I am saving for my second holiday back to Uk which, due to many family and friends over there, is my prime focus. Whilst there I am looking at maybe a Greek Island or Med cruise.

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