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This week Babs wrote in, asking for some Community advice…


“How far can we go?

I have just been deleted (unfriended) by my granddaughter-in-law for being a great grandmother. Just how far is it acceptable to go when our little ones are involved? A photo of my great grandie sitting on the beach in the hot sun was posted to Facebook. That is beautiful, however, he didn’t have a hat on and I (in my own inimitable way) said he should have a hat on in the hot sun.

I got deleted didn’t I? Because I was “telling my granddaughter-in-law how to be a mother”. I don’t think I overstepped the line but I would like to know what other grandmothers think. This is not the first time she has deleted me and I would like to know how far others would go giving their opinion in cases like this.

Sunburn on a 1 year old is not a pretty sight. I look forward to your replies”.


Can you help Babs? What would you do in this situation and how would you rectify it? Share your answers below.

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  1. It is a fine line to tread. I would buy the granddaughter a nice new hat. I also have special Great Nanny days with my Great Granddaughter so I have her all to myself. Tomorrow we are doing craft as it is ‘our day’ I try not to make comments on Facebook though as I have been deleted for saying too much from time to time – so you are not alone. Just be there for her as she grows even if you hasve to ‘bite your tongue on facebook.

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    • I totally agree, but the trouble is when it is the “written” word, it can so easily be misconstrude whereas when you are face to face, it is so different. I have never had this problem YET, but daresay it will happen one day. I know it will be hard but I would be as nice as I could to the grand-dsaughter in law- the will get over it. Good luck!

  2. Of course you are right, he should have had on a hat. When I have been in the same situation I used to stop and think how would I like to have been told without taking offence, before I said anything.

  3. When I first became a grandmother I had to learn to bite my tongue ,and the same applies now I
    am a great grandmother

  4. When i first became a grandmother I learnt to bite my tongue,same applies now I am a great grandmother

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    • Build a bridge one of my grand daughter’s favourite terms. I’d make no reference and hope the least said will sort things out Christmas is coming Include hats for all your grandchildren It won’t look so pointed then.

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