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Our Community Cares

This week a community member wrote to us asking for some community advice..


“I would like to hear from the over 60s out there that have had their hearts broken because their kids want to break up their relationship; they are worried about losing their inheritance or their parent. They would rather see you be alone and lonely…”


What would you do in this situation? Share your answers to this in the comments below.

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  1. Several of my friends are experiencing this from their children. Two of them have already cut said children from their wills and are going to make sure there is only enough money left for the funeral.

  2. My (ex) daughter borrowed/scammed so much cash from me(I loaned it to help her children…ONLY), that I have no retirement money, even though I retired early to take on her 13yo daughter…victim of neglect/abuse! I survived and the child is a fab 21yo now…that’s my reward.

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