Help! I’m going to a charity ball and have no idea what to wear 2

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One of our SAS readers messaged us this week with a dilemma she’s facing. It’s always an honour to be invited to a charity ball, but what happens when you’re not sure how to dress for the dress code.

Do you have any advice?

We have been invited to a charity ball. I’m 62, short and a bit overweight. I have arthritis in my feet, and can’t wear high heels, is it acceptable to maybe wear lower shoes and black pants and a very dressy top? My husband has a tux and was thinking of wearing a dark suit, white, shirt and dark tie. This is a fundraiser close to our hearts, but certainly don’t want to offend. Help!

Let us know your thoughts.

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  1. I’ve been to balls in the past and there is often a variety of formal clothing worn. I totally understand your concern. Could you ask another friend who may be attending the same function?

  2. I think what you describe wearing will be perfectly acceptable. Nowadays women can wear pants with a dressy top anywhere. Have fun and enjoy!!

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