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This is part two of Pat’s weight loss journey that she is sharing with us. To read her previous blog, click here. Each week she will document her progress as you support her and hopefully gain positivity and encouragement to lead a healthier life.

Well, here it is: week 4 of my clean eating lifestyle.

Since embarking on this journey I have chosen not to weigh myself, preferring to keep that for my regular visits to the GP.

I can tell you, however, that to date I have lost a total on the nine inches off my body, i.e. bust, waist, hips and legs. I was so surprised this morning when I measured, to be honest I was in a state of shock.

I have deliberately shifted my focus from continually checking whether I am losing weight, because I really want this to be a lifetime journey rather than another yo-yo diet.

I think the best way to do this is to make it as normal and natural as you can. One thing I have done though is to put all my food in one area of the pantry. It may seem a little strange but I find that it keeps me on track. Also l find l am less tempted to make a poor choice that may end up sabotaging my clean eating journey.

You may have noticed that I don’t use the word diet and that has been a deliberate ploy on my behalf. For me and no doubt countless people, the word diet conjures up ideas of eating mini meals, consuming copious amounts of lettuce and all things uninteresting, of bland, tasteless food.

In short the word DIET for me equals deprivation and no one wants to feel deprived. When embarking on a new DIET one may start of with good intentions but sooner or later that moment will arrive where you think, I feel like a chocolate, biscuit, cake,  potato chips and the like. Then the thought that sabotages most DIETS: one wont hurt me. One won’t hurt you but if you are anything like me, one was never enough.

A complete lifestyle change was required for me to get my health on track and it could not have come at a better time. You may recall from my first article that I mentioned my GP would be following my progress. Well, part of my GP involvement included having a full range of blood tests. The results are back and I am sad to say my cholesterol is currently 7.5 – the highest it has been in my lifetime.

Anyway, it’s onward and upward from here as I continue my clean eating lifestyle journey, which I must admit is getting easier as each day passes.

In my next article I will be including some recipes which will show you how, through a few simple changes, you can live quiet well on a sustainable clean eating lifestyle plan.

Share your thoughts below.

Pat Daley

Married 42 yrs and have three adult children, plus six adorable granchildren.

  1. good article but a bit disappointed you did did not include the diet your on

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    • well she must be doing something to lose can’t eat and have a weight loss plan..the word plan is the operative word Carol Long

    • Libbi
      You aren’t wrong.
      No matter what eating plan we are on it is called a diet.
      The defination of diet in the Oxford dictionary is:-
      1. Habitual food
      2. Prescribed food
      3. Parliamentary assembly in some countries
      4. Restrict what one eats.

      So you see, the number one description of the word diet is HABITUAL FOOD…..
      So Carol is wrong.

    • It’s called clean eating Libbi, if you google it will tell you more, it it is about eating real food that has been too refined and no additives etc. it really is quite good

    • I will google it thank you Wendy..I am ready to listen to anyone’s diet plan and try to follow it 🙂

    • I have to go now am off to get tested for Diabetes, can’t say I want to, my doctor is going away for 3 weeks so I can’t get a urine test for blood till then, but still have to get this blood test today so he says 🙂 have a good day xoxox

    • Hi Libbi Elliot its Pat here.In my first blogg which was posted last Sunday l wrote about my change in lifestyle from what l had been eatung to what lam now doing which is a Clean Eating Lifestyle, not a diet , as it is for life. If you click on the link in the intro to this blogg you will be able to read the first blogg. Cheers .

    • Clean eating Leanna Stephenson set out in my first blogg posted last Sunday. You can click on the link included in the intro for this blogg. Cheers.

    • Ruth Hourigan, lam not on a diet , l do not restrict what l eat . I have decided for health reasons to live and enjoy a Clean eating lifestyle. This is a simple way to live and should not be viewed as anything else. It us the way our parent’s ate. No processed food. Fresh fruit and vegetables , lean protien. Water, tea, coffee, Hope this clarifys the decision I have made. Cheers.

    • Pat
      I simply pointed out what the defination of diet is. We are all on a diet as the main defination of the word is “habitual food”. That means the food that you eat on a regular basis…..

  2. In the last 2 years I gained 28 pounds, I really like to eat and drink beer on weekends, after all who doesn’t like.
    Bad now I’ve managed to lose 23 pounds with the method I learned in this website here WEIGHTLOSS33 .COM

  3. I have lost 16kg on the 5:2 diet. Yes, I have my bad days when I eat a bar of chocolate or some chips, but I get back on track.
    Yes, it’s a journey. But even though we stop off on the way every now and then, we do eventually arrive at our destination.

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    • Ruth that is great that you have lost 16 kl . I bet you feel so much better. I get weighed in a few weeks at my GP. Because l have a history of bulimia and anorexia , in my early years , l have chosen to say lifesyle rather than diet. I hope this clarifys the underlying reasons for my decision to make this my lifestyle at this stage in my life. Cheers Pat D.

    • Pat
      I wasn’t having a go at you.
      It was simply the meaning of the word diet and the comment made by Carol.
      Good that you are keeping this up. I tend to fall by the wayside every couple of weeks. It’s those dam speed bumps they keep putting in the road. But, I’ll get there in the end. I still have 30kgs to lose.

    • Good luck to you both, it is a very personal thing weight loss and we are all very different creatures….the only way for me to lose weight is Weight Watchers because of getting weighed at each meeting…the meetings are fun, all ages from 18 to 75 at the moment, some like me have 8 – 10 kilos to lose, some have 20 – 40 kilis, we are all there for the same reason to lose weight but most of all stay as healthy as we can..

    • Sue lam glad you have found the support of a group. Weight Watchers is a wonderful organization . Like byou said whatever floates your boat. We are all unique beings and as such require a lifestyle thats suits each one of us. Cheers Pat D.

    • Its all good Ruth Hourigan l appreciate your input. When l was approached by Starts at 60 to write this blogg, l knew people would have their opinions and that is fine by me. Speed bumps another thing l dislike lol. I can’t tell you the number l have hit over the years , too many . Afterwards always beating myself up , always blaming myself which resulted in me having a food binge and in the end back to were l started from. This time l am more focused and doing it gor me , my health. I really don’t give a rat’s what anyone else thinks of how l look , if they are that shallow l don’t need them in my life. Cheers and all the best with those speed bumps.

  4. I’ve lost 10 kilos just stopping eating bread, and cutting down on meat….eat mostly veg and fresh fruit. Partner has lost 15 kilos…..yesterday was a naughty day as he went out without me, brought back some yummy sourdough and choc cookies….but we’re back to being good today. It’s not difficult, and we rarely feel hungry.

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    • Yes I also find that bread and meat can hike the kgs on. I prefer to eat minestrone soups, fruit. I do eat some meat but in smaller portions and not as often.

    • I also have the occasional chocolate, or biscuit and cake but not very often then get back on track the next day and it works.

    • Bread is the Staff of Life, apparently. I read this in a 1950s cook book last week. I still have bread sometimes wheat sometimes wheat free , l find it a good start for breakfast with lean protien. But the sky is the limit on the clean eating lifestyle, you can literally eat whatever you like when you want as long as it is fresh unprocessed and sugar free. Ps there is nothing wrong with having a piece if cake, chocolate or sourdough bread. The problem people fall into is labeling it as bad or naughty. This is self defeating leading some to feel they have failed in some way. They then beat themselves up over it. I prefere l enjoyed that it was a nice treat. Cheers Pat D.

    • Weight loss experts say the only bread to eat that doesn’t affect weight loss, is multi grain bread, not wholemeal and certainly not white bread. Have heard sour dough bread can get the tick for approval also. Doesn’t hurt to have an occasional treat either. It boosts your metabolism and also more importantly boosts your mood. Why be miserable I say! Lol

    • I don’t know about you Molly but l reckon l could write a book about what weight lose experts say one should and shoud not eat. The Clean Eating Lifestyle was the pick of the bunch . I then simplified it by looking at what l could eat. Most times l eat soy and linseed bread , something l kept from The Liver Cleansing DIET , Circa 1998. Lol.

  5. Agree with your way of thinking too Why is cholesterol up if you are eating healthily

  6. What is BDP

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    • The BDP = The Beyond Diet Program is a clean eating program consisting of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protien , unprocessed food andd no sugar. I wrote about this in the first blogg which you can view by clicking on the link in the intro to this blogg. Cheers Pat D.

  7. I also decided after having a cholesterol of 6.6 and the trygs were 4.1. This is after I had lost 6 kgs and trying to eat healthy. The only think that did me in was an enormous amount of plums which I dehydrated to fruit roll and that apparently was the trygs. My glucose was fine so I thought see ya in 6 months and we can try again. I will not go on statins and prefer to change my diet instead.

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    • My fasting sugar levels were real high, but I decided to fix that, they went down, still a bit high, but I learnt a lot about nutrition along the way. I was told, for instance, that eating chips can raise your sugars for TWO WEEKS!

    • Nothing if you eat them like that but if you make fruit rollups and dehydrate them, too high in sugar. Everything should be eaten in moderation.

  8. Sometimes even after eating right cholesterol doesn’t improve, mine fluctuates between high 5 and I think 6 is the highest it has been, doesn’t matter what I do I can’t by food alone get it lower. Have been told some people just make more???? Presently I am not on medication just keeping up the healthy eating!!!

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    • Sometimes a family history is the reason why we have high cholesterol Patricia. Keep up the good work healthy food is the bodies friend. Cheers Pat D.

    • My doctor worked out years ago that my high cholesterol was not diet induced. I was eating healthy foods, exercised and back then was not over weight. Some inherit the gene unfortunately. Mum and Dad died when I was in my early twenties. Back then high Cholesterol was unheard of, and probably one of them or both, could have been suffering from that condition. Sadly though they both died of cancer, high Cholesterol wouldn’t have been the cause of their death.

    • Kim I have been taking omega three fish oil caps for years. There are a lot of health benefits from them. Still have to take medication for elevated cholesterol though.

    • Hi Molly think that’s the opinion of my doc too as at one stage I was so strict and still nothing reduced!! So now I keep as healthy as possible moderation in all things and have regular checkups with my doc can’t really do much more. I exercise most days!! Feel good and in no medication so have to be happy with that!! Thanks for your reply.

    • Hey guys l have been taking fish oil capsules for 10 yrs and still my cholesterol is sky high. In 6-7 weeks l will be having more blood tests and there is the distinct possibility that l will need medication fo my cholesterol regardless of my Clean Eating Lifestyle will keep you posted in week 12. Cheers Pat D

    • Cholesterol is not always associated with diet , it can be an abnormal body function , and require medication .

  9. Well done! I don,t like too much meat either, preferring fish and chicken but occasionally get low in iron, so I do include some in the food twice a week. I also had high cholesterol levels, but managed to bring it down without going on statins. I love the seasonal fruits…garnet plums being one of the healthiest foods you can eat, but try to limit them because of the high sugar (fructose) content

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