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John sent us through his ideas for a new flag and anthem for an Oz republic.

The design of this flag takes advantage of Australia’s distinctive land-shape so as to make it easily recognisable worldwide. It has incorporated the colours of the Aboriginal flag, the continent being red and a black boomerang within a yellow sun which is centred directly above Uluru. The white border surrounding the country represents the glorious beaches that provide so much enjoyment for allAustralians, as well as affecting a clear contrast of the landmass against the blue background.

This flag respects the past by maintaining the stars of the Southern Cross on a blue background of the current flag, which symbolises on this new concept the spiritual ethos of Australia as well as indicating humanity’s future endeavours in the heavens.

As a suggestion, the insipid ‘Advance Australia Fair’ anthem should be replaced with the rousing theme “We Are Australian” as used in the TV ads by Telstra. By publicly displaying this print or sticker (e.g. car), this will provide an opportunity for all Aussies to lend their support to this new salutary flag which promotes reconciliation and good will.

It is better to say we are sorry rather than jeopardise future harmony.

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Tell us, do you think this new flag is a good idea? Should our national flag ever change?

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  1. Too many Aussies died under our flag to totally scrap it!

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    • Mine fought too , but they didn’t fight for the flag, they fought in WW2 because they thought Australia would be invaded and we nearly were, they bombed us in Darwin.My dad was there at the time on his way to New Guinea to fight. And my grand dad fought in WW1, Australia had become a Federation and they all joined up to fight as one country Australia..instead of many little states. I don’t think they would worry about the flag being changed..all of these diggers went through extreme hardship for this country

    • They did not have the same flag, it was a different flag to the one we have now. That is a mute arguement

  2. I can understand keeping our flag as it is for the sake of our war heroes. But If we ever decide to change the flag, it should be the lovely aboriginal flag.

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  3. My digger father was very keen on using the Aboriginal flag with an added southern cross. I have always liked the idea.

    As for an anthem, I like We are Australian, but I suggest that a lot of readers of this forum wouldn’t if they knew all the words.

  4. this Anthem, We are Australian. and the Aboriginal Flag.

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    • We are not all Aboriginal and before you say the aboriginals were the first inhabitants and own the land, they also had to come from somewhere else originally and the land as with the rest of the world belong to God we are just the caretakers for a short while. We own what we create.

    • Libbi I would like a flag that represents the original Australians with the Southern Cross

  5. why do the sheep constantly bleat “people died under that flag etc etc has only been around since 1956 …so hardly …the top left hand corner represents a foreign nation ..not ours …Canada has a flag easily recognised …and a flag to be proud of …and the world didn’t end when they changed theirs …

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    • The flag’s original design (with a six-pointed Commonwealth Star) was chosen in 1901 from entries in a competition held following Federation, and was first flown in Melbourne on 3 September 1901, the date proclaimed as Australian National Flag Day.

    • A point that irritates many people, though obviously not those who hold that opinion. Previous generations of young australians died not for a flag, but for the freedom of not only us in the case of possible invasion but other nations, not a piece of material.

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