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How many of you have had three pay rises in the last 16 months?  And how many of you would, in a performance review say the current Federal Government, with a satisfaction rating of 31% (May Newspoll data) deserves a pay rise? (or the opposition for that matter, with their chicken legs and quail menus). 


I don’t know about you, but I see the quantity of pay rises going ahead in Government as blatantly disrespectful of the struggling environment many in business and retirement are facing.  For many business owners and retirees times are as tough today as they were during the GFC, and with Government expenditure on the decrease, many are trying desperately to survive.  This in turn means many Australians are facing job insecurity, unemployment, reduced incomes or are having to stay in a job they don’t like.


For the last few years, in fact, most of the last five years, many of my friends who work in paid employment have had to work without pay rises, lucky to hold onto their jobs in an otherwise unfriendly business environment.    What I want to know is “What Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) do we give these pay rises on?”  They clearly are not the CPI only rises most in jobs have seen for the last few uyears.


According to, the July 1 pay rise agreed by Governemnt will mean federal MPs have seen their base pay increase by $54,220 since March 2012 , although they have lost a series of perks, including around the world study leave trips and gold card entitlements.


It places Julia Gillard in a higher pay bracket that Barack Obama, which seems hard to believe is true or necessary.


Share your opinion on our MP’s pay rises…


Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at Sixty. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced marketer, a trained journalist and has a degree in politics. A mother of 3, she passionately facilitates and leads our over 60s community, bringing the community opinions, needs and interests to the fore and making Starts at Sixty a fun place to be.

  1. This is lubricious! We pay them and we have the right to say no! We must mandate that no politician is entitled to a wage increase, car, chauffer, housing and expenses when in power and forever after. Especially the for after must be changed.

    This stupid spend of our money must stop. I ask every one to send this to their public member, [email protected], and Ombudsman ([email protected]).

    Not to mention the Palmer party,

  2. At this time cannot see how any one in this parliament deserves any pay rise!!!!!

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  3. Ironic isn’t it – the pay rise enjoyed by our politicians is actually more than the total pension Jacqui and I get. Yes I mean just the rise they’ve had, not their total income. Just another example of the arrogance of these people, who are being paid all this money for what? For the privilege of slating off at each other when they should be running the country. I think, if you added together all the IQ’s of every politician, you’d finish up with the IQ of one moron – and that is really an insult to morons. The trouble is, we ordinary people can’t get organised so that we can make them change their ways, but they have the full power of government behind them – it makes me very sad!

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    • why can’t we sack them? These people are a useless waste of money.I am on a pension, not because I want to be, but how it is. Any raise that is given to me is taken back in rent. We can’t win but they make sure they are well looked after. What do they actually do? Not much. Top wages though!

  4. It’s absolutely appalling and demonstrate how out of touch they are with the real world. Not even benchmarked against KPI’s. I detest the unions but I bet they’d be happy with the sorts of “guaranteed’ rises our politicians get.

  5. This is appalling! Notice how they all go very quiet when the issue of a pay rise for the pollies is in the news. There’s no party disagreement ion this one! In the same news today is a story about how Chatswood Public School will have to use demountables to cope with increasing numbers. Shame, shame!!

  6. You never hear of a politician voting against a pay rise .
    When I was employed I was subjected to monthly KPI reviews not, to get a pay rise but just to keep my job . I worked untill I was 66 and in the last year of my employment my superanuation dropped by $100,000 I efectivly worked the last 2 years for NOTHING .Pensions should be pegged to 1/4 of a politicians wages .So each time the polies get a rise we do to .

  7. I’m one of the many working poor in the public sector (and elsewhere) and work to a temporary contract. This contract is up on the 30/6/13 and I still don’t know if it will be renewed.
    Now I’m told there’s to be another payrise for the pollies! WHY? and why is it the pollies have the right to pay themselves any amount when the people they work for(the public)have no way of protesting this decision, because I really can’t see any indication of this increase being deserved (which it most definitely isn’t). I am yet to read about this as I’m still at work (7pm) but I must say I’m so disappointed Julia, how dare you and all your cohorts – whatever party they are from – how dare any of you!! I work under the liberal state government’s ‘let them eat cake’ policy with funding cuts in every sector and the workers on the coal face are expected to adapt. I’m so angry right now so I’m going home to read the full story. Have a good weekend folks.

  8. Come on All polies fed & State Stop look at your self in the mirror and start making decisions that will help us all We are over governed by Fed ,State & local Bludgers…

  9. In
    recent time politicians off both sides and likewise state and federal governments have begun to treat their electorates with distain. If we the electorate continue to let them get away with it we will deserve what we get in then future. For instance look at Turkey at the moment

  10. I am on a disability pension, because I have multiple sclerosis, so every-time they deem to give us a scrap of a rise, my rent goes up as well, so I’m no better off at all. They give with one hand and take it back with the other, now that doesn’t seem very fair to me, it’s hard enough to make ends meet, and I even grow my own veges, and haven’t brought any new clothes in years for myself, I don’t go anywhere and don’t put the heating on in the winter, but huddle under a blanket and wear gloves and a hat when I’m really freezing. I was brought up and learned how to manage what I have, but it’s getting so hard to do this for a lot of us. Maybe we should have a march up to where they are, and demand better conditions for the people, they were elected to SUPPOSEDLY HELP, and demand that they have the same amount of money we get for a rise, and see how they like that.

  11. It’s election time, I may lose my seat and I’ll need all the super I can get. The better the salary the better the super. Stupid electors have to earn their super, but I’ll get “X” times my final salary – $54k+ increase – great that gives me heaps more than the stupid citizens who put me here. Love this job!!!, Thanks heaps folks

  12. Listen to us all…This is lubricious, this is unfair, this is Bla Bla Bla…cry cry cry.

    We as people are collectively to lazy, to scared, to much of followers of the system to do anything about all the wrong doings the incompetent government/councils etc are doing. We get a tax increase, GST, carbon tax, water rate increase, electricity going up by another 20% (in QLD) and the list goes on and on, and we jump up and down for a day or so then we succumb to the fact that there is nothing we can do but take it like a prisoner in a wall-less prison.

    Yes the government is supposed to work for us…THE PEOPLE, but we the people are not very good bosses (we don’t even have a meeting), then we wonder why the company (community) is struggling. I doubt we the people could even run a fish and chip shop! we are all just a means to feed the fat mouths of government. Have you watched parliament? the name calling, slandering etc…if I acted this way I be out of a job in no time and there our leaders!

    If my CEO or account failed to make a projected budget (which in the government is guarantied and known in advance not like many other business)my CEO would be sacked.

    They (our elected leaders) can get away with the lies, the ticks, the games, but we the people can’t and won’t get away with anything. We will all pay to the day we die.

    How about we all not vote this year! mmm, scared not to hey!
    How about we start to give government members half yearly appraisals!…to lazy

    Get over it “people”, you get out what you put in!

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