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We read with interest the comments made on our recent article.

Like it or not, some people are overweight or obese. This is not a reason for them to hide away. They need clothes they can feel proud in to let their light shine. Being dressed well you stand tall, and by doing this, people perceive you differently too.

There is big media hype with the word DIET nearly every day in the news. If it was as simple as that. Lots of programs recently have been exploring the diets available to see if they work. Most will for some time, but, in the end, well, the only thing with a chance is a total change of lifestyle. This requires education, not media hype.

The ABC had some documentaries creating a bit of a stir.

  • ‘The men that made us fat’ explored the way our lifestyles changed due to advertising and how this created a whole lot of weight problems.
  • It was followed by ‘The men that made us thin’, about the diet industry, and how diets don’t work.
  • ‘The men that made us spend’ is the third one in the series. It has been about the advertising industry and how we are shown ways to spend our money.

They are fascinating documentaries which have been repeated on other channels as well as being available in ABC shops now.

A current affairs program recently aired another interesting segment about a movie called ‘That Sugar Film’. Available in book form called ‘That Sugar Book’ it is highly addictive, being very well written, presented and informative. It is also scary, reading at times like a horror story.

SBS is currently screening a documentary called ‘Which is the right Diet for you?’.

It is research done in the UK on reasons why people gain weight and how they can lose it again. And keep it off.

Not as easy as it sounds. Unfortunately the magic bullet taking away the extra kilos does not exist.

The reason we started this business nearly 20 years ago was my best friend who had serious problems buying clothes. She had the stomach stapling done many many years ago. No, she did not lose the weight, she lost her health instead. And she is not the only one. We congratulate all big girls that have been able to lose their extra kilos. Yet our population is still getting bigger. Do we have the answers? No, we only provide a service to people that otherwise fall through the cracks.


Tell us, do you agree with Ruth? Is there more to blame than just a bad diet when it comes to obesity?

Ruth Schuettke

I'm Ruth Schuettke, owner and co-director of The Big Time Clothing Co. The business started way back in 1996 and has been supplying larger ladies with sizes not available in the regular plus size market ever since. All garments are produced in Australia.

  1. I’ve been fat since I shot off the weight charts at about 9 months. I’ve been through just about every put down and pseudo supportive comment you can imagine.
    I’ve tried So. Many. Diets.
    I’ve dressed to hide and I’ve dressed to please and I’ve followed fashion.
    You know what? I’m me. I’m not just a fatty. But that IS a part of who I am.
    These days I wear things that are comfortable and that I feel good in.
    The End.

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    • Yes I have come to the conclusion that as long as you are happy, that is the main thing. You are you and no-one can change that.

    • As you get older you realize that doing things for the benefit of those who have to look at you achieves nothing. So you start doing what makes you happy, makes you comfortable. It annoys me that some bag of bones can judge my character based on my weight! Discrimination comes in many forms, this is just one of them. As you get older you realize you’re invisible to most people anyway. Which can be good!

    • Dieting does not work, eat healthy and exercise (I know I really don’t like exercising either 🙂 ) but it helps to stay healthy, not skinny, but healthy.

  2. As long as we are happy in ourselves, it’s no body else’s business. I eat fairly healthy and am still over weight but I dress how I feel comfortable and I don’t go around saying how thin some one else is so don’t tell me I am fat

  3. I dress to suit my figure and I feel infinately better about myself when I make the effort to look decent.
    We are not all the same.
    Some say thet dress for comfort, so do I, I just prefer to be both comfortable and look as good as I possibly can.

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    • And me, i have always tried to look both comfortable and nice EVERY SINGLE DAY! My hubby is great as he often compliments me on how lovely i look, which after nearly 50 yrs is SO great.

    • Yeah, once I found the style and colours that worked I looked for comfort. I feel better too, when I’ve made the effort

  4. I find I don’t have a problem with outer clothes. My problem is with underwear.
    Specifically bras.
    They just don’t make tthem comfortable or supportive for big breasted ladies. The straps slide off your shoulders and the backs ride up because of the weight of the breast.
    And, to top it off, they charge $80 – $90 for bras for bigger ladies.
    Why should we have to pay $60 -$70 more for a few more inches of elastic.

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    • Hi Ruth I’ve found a bra at target which is fantastic very very comfy wide on the sides so nothing pops out I would give them a try

    • I’ve tried these but I still find the straps slide down my shoulders. I would like some that have cross over straps at the back to stop them from sliding down.

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      • Hi Ruth
        I tried sports bras with the t back to keep the straps in line but almost had a hernia getting into them. It is so hard to find a bra with straps which won’t let you down. If you could get a front fastening convertible bra at a reasonable price, that would be great.

    • Contact a company for Big Busted ladies they may be able to give you more information. Sometimes it is just a matter of how we hold ourselves through the shoulders and back.

    • I discovered a company that sells bras that have no underwire, no clips or clasps (bras go over your head like a tshirt). Their name is BodyWise. The Bodywise Everyday Deep Cup bra is the best. I’ve been wearing them for well over a decade and will never go back to uncomfortable bras that slip, slide and drive you nuts all day. Their sizing is fantastic – my size is called Georgeous! They last for years too. You can buy clips that hold your straps back off your shoulders and I’ve done that too when I had a shoulder problem. It’s almost impossible to find a truly convertible bra these days – don’t know why!

    • Have you tried a sports bra, they cross over at your back, they’re very supportive in the cup, they come in larger sizes also..

    • Cheryl Franke
      I need a size 20E or F. I haven’t been able to find one in that size. They only go up to D cup that I have been able to find.

    • I agree, Ruth. I am only 160cm tall and size 16/18 but I cannot find a bra that fits me properly. Why is anything over 16B made like a straight jacket and so small around the middle that you have to use an extender which throws the whole thing out of proportion?

  5. Having computer trouble so unable to see the article but I will say how good it is that there are folk out there designing clothes especially for we large women. Unfortunately, most stores that sell these clothes charge exorbitant prices for them.

  6. You are right there’s no magic bullet. I have clothes still size 20 and tried so many diets, but finally just trying to reprogram my thoughts. Slowly this is working. But when I look at my plus size clothes they really are not fashionable,and I often thought why! Same material and patterns could be used on a plus size surely. Good article Ruth. What is the name of your company?

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    • It’s not just size that is the problem – it is build as well. As a 5’10 woman, I am never going to fit into short, skinny clothes no matter how thin I am. Most clothing manufacturers work to a narrowly defined norm that does not represent the diversity of builds, shapes and sizes that are out there (with a few notable exceptions of course). I am extremely brand loyal to the company that makes the clothes I wear. I don’t even bother looking in other stores any more.

  7. I buy so much online much nicer clothes than you woul buy at the big stores I find a lot of there clothes are dowdy and make girls look frumpy

  8. modern day thinking,everyone is judged and dismissed by appearance,medication,illness,depression and genetics all play roles but lets start seeing if people are nice ,caring,great funny or just interesting instead of young,fat,ugly or pretty

  9. Beats me why these days with so much availabe for larger sizes my Mum got to a size 26 (after years of bad health and not following Doctors instructions) found it very difficult then that was over 30 years. More on market or find someone who sews.

  10. I do agree that dressing suitable to your size makes you stand tall. I’m a size 16 my two friends are 18, 20 but we dress to flatter our bodies and feel good about ourselves. This is us.

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