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I thought it necessary to raise the topic of the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty, or TPP as it is most commonly referred to.

Little is known about its intentions or how it will affect us, the average Aussie citizen, for the discussions have taken place behind closed doors in secrecy.

From what little I understand, it is a trade agreement between Pacific Nations, similar to that of the EU, allowing a free flow of labour and business between the countries involved. This includes, Australia, America, New Zealand, Vietnam, Indonesia and 6 or 7 other countries, and said to be 40 per cent of the global population.

Mr Ruddock was questioned on the subject during last week’s Q and A programme and his answers have raised great fears within me, his knowledge concerning the issue was limited, and then when he acknowledged that the issue would not be discussed in open parliament, alarm bells rang. Despite him admitting he had limited knowledge on the issue he stated that it would be great for the economy.

My point is this, whether it is good or bad for Australia, we the citizens of this country have the right to decide on whether we enter into an agreement that has the potential to destroy our way of life.

We supposedly live in a democracy, Governance of the Country, for the people, by the people, the government of the time does not have the right to enter into an arrangement of such magnitude without consulting us, and it is morally and ethically wrong.

Part of the definition of the word ‘treaty’ is “that a country was bound by treaty to keep open to foreign trade”, Wikileaks has revealed that part of the content of the agreement will allow companies to sue governments if their policies change and inhibit their trade. Big business has been involved in the secret discussions but not the most important people, us, the people that populate this country and own the country’s resources.
This is just another example of how our rights are being eroded and the contempt that our government is treating us with. This is not just an LNP thing because the previous Labour party was also involved in this issue, and probably the reason they have not spoken out about it. The American Trade Union movement is totally against the TPP, claiming it will cost jobs with the influx of cheap labour.

As I said before, my understanding is limited, but my concerns are not. What preventions are to be put in place to protect our jobs, our environment, our resources, are we going to be inundated with imports, unhealthy food products, how will that effect our Ag-industry, the questions are endless.

I have no faith in a government that hides behind closed doors, that believes renewable energy is cutting down our forest and burning the trees, that wind farms damage our air and solar energy risks burning out the sun.

For the sake of our future, wake up, speak up Australia, for things are getting way out of control and the future of the lucky country is looking grim.

~Brian Jarvis ~
Founder, Growing The Burnett Inc

Guest Contributor

  1. There can be only one reason the TPP is cloaked in secrecy: they don’t want us to know anything about it. And why? Because it can’t be good for us. If it was good for us, it’d be lauded everywhere. I agree, I know little about it and what I know isn’t good, and I have a great many concerns. I have concerns whenever government chooses to hide the facts from the people they’re charged with representing. This current government has made secrecy the norm in government and we, the people should be outraged! The free trade deals with South Korea, Japan and China were done without openness and honesty with the people but it’s too late now, it’s done. And what I know of them, I also don’t like. I think the biggest thing we have to fear in Australia at the moment, is our own government.

  2. Governments have never consulted we the people on important issues. For example, multiculturalism was forced on us whether we liked it and it’s obvious that once they have our vote, political parties have thier own agenda. We are simply the puppets that provide the funding.
    While we have to trust politicians to govern on our behalf (trust now being a huge issue), I agree that major changes to our society or economy should be discussed by the voting public first.

  3. we elect a government to govern. if we don’t like what they do vote them out .too often we spend millions on waste of time enquiries that merely waste tax payers money.

  4. This really is a very dangerous treaty. When the politicians don’t even know what they are signing,God help us! I believe most of the Americans are just as fearful as we are,and are protesting for answers. Evidently with this, comes a threat that if our government does not follow every aspect of the signing,it is liable to be sued for billions. So WHY would they put themselves and us in this position. I read it could bankrupt our country. There is a case already existing evidently where America can sue us stupid! You are right,all parties are to blame for this,and I think we need to show that we are a force to be reckoned with,and will not sell our Soul to the Devil!!

  5. Do you really want a monthly referendum to consult the public ….. How much will that cost us ?

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    • Not nearly as much as the TPP is going to cost us. Blood, sweat and tears – and being sued for billions. Future generations are going to pay for this TPP. Not Tony Abbott – he’ll be long gone with his excessive payout.

    • Johan, nothing much in todays electronic age, this is the excuse to by-pass democracy, all it takes is to send out a card with yes or no and the computer does the rest, crooked government

    • Future generations will rue the day of these free trade agreements and we will see the results in our life time, it has been a disaster for this country and Australian jobs.

    • Countries have entered into free trade agreements for decades …..I’m not in disagreement to everyone else on here. Just want to see / hear what it is that makes this agreement different to previous ones. How much do we know and what is the concern

    • Johan join the club, we all want the details but I bet we don’t get them, and how could you trust them to tell us the whole truth?

  6. I want s gov. That governs for the people by the people not a gov. That will allow our rights and privileges as Australian citizens to be eroded by secrecy, deception and lies. Too long have we had to stand by and watch as gov. After Gov. Sell off our prosperity to foreign investors and traders and we have to stand by mute! No voice, no action, no say! I for one am sick to death of being treated like an idiot! I have rights and my rights are being ignored! These politicians who think they can hide their cheating schemes from us and still have our respect are inept fools! And where is the media reporting on this issue, why don’t shows like today tonight, 60 minutes, Sunday night and many others take up this fight and give us fair unbiased reporting on this issue instead of stories on neighbourhood fighting! Get with it Australia, wake up! Otherwise while you have been dreaming your nation is being sold out from under you!

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    • I tolally agree with you. But want do we do nothing. The government’s know this this is why they do the shit they do. The only way we can get our country back befor the sell out completely. Is to put the lot of them out . Labor, liberals and the greens. But we won’t we just keep on complaining. So they take us for fools. Fools that just stand by while our country is being sold out under our feet.

  7. Wayne Root – the American author of “The Murder of the Middle Class” sums up TPP
    “They call the Trans-Pacific Partnership the TPP. But it’s really a bi-partisan Ponzi scheme – and should be called “Trans-Pacific Ponzi.”

    It’s a trillion dollar rip-off of the American people and American workers. President Barack Obama wants “fast-track authority” because he wants to put the end of America as we know it on a fast track.

    Trust me, neither TPP or the TPA (ie fast track authority for the president) are dead. Like Freddie Kruger of “Nightmare on Elm Street” they will keep coming back from the dead. Because the billionaires and billion dollar multi-national corporations want TPP … badly. The powers that be will not rest until it passes – come hook or crook. And since they are all crooks, they’ll use any means necessary to get it passed.

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